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Anyone know of a Rotti rescue in the Durham GTA area?

March 4th, 2010, 09:15 AM
My neighbour has decided to get rid of his (Rotti mix) because he has attacked the new dog (Amreican Bulldog) female and has required 2 vet visits now :cry:

Max is usually great with other dogs, and got along fine with their other dog before he died, and also gets along fine with their other dog (shi zhu (sps) mix) and he's actually afraid and get bossed around by the smaller one.
But for some reason (I think jealousy) he hates the Amreican bulldog.
He not fixed nor is the Bulldog, but she's a female :shrug:
Max's original owner bred Chi's and he was great with them as well.

Max is great with kids (they have 4) , but is afraid of men he doesn't know.
So if anyone could suggest a rescue, I'd appreciate it, as I would hate to see him go to the pound.

March 4th, 2010, 09:37 AM
There are several good rescues in Ontario that take in mix breeds. If you google Ontario Rescues, you should get a list of organizations.

I would suggest that the owner of this dog secure a rescue and offer to pay the sterilization and ensure that vaccinations are up to date. It makes things easier for the rescue as all rescues are completely full at this time. Based on the breed, what has transpired since the new dog has been introduced, this dog may be very difficult to find a rescue to assist. However, it is best to be honest about his temperment in order to empower the rescue with all necessary information.