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My diary of curing my aggressive dogs behaviour....please read. :)

February 26th, 2010, 08:10 AM
Hi guys!
This will be my diary telling you the progress i am making and what is happening with my dog, Quinn. It will be updated asap for everyone to read so please subscribe to this thread. :)

As you may know, i recently gave a rescue collie a brand new home and felt overjoyed for doing so. I have lived with dogs all my life and so was certain that Quinn would fit in without any worries. However, i soon found out that this dog had intentions of his own. He can be very aggressive towards other people and some dogs. In the past, i have tried techniques claiming to cure these behaviours. Some have had good results, some have not.

I met a friend of a friend who tells me that he works with animals as his career and that he believes he has established a method of training the animal to overcome negative problems. He claims he can help any animal with any problem....i remain skeptical. Details of his work will be posted AFTER i have seen evidence that this works.


I met this guy for the first time today. A very nice man with a kind hearted personality and character. We sat down and talked over a cup of tea about the problems that i was facing. Quinn seemed to be aware of the new presence and although wary, he remained cynical. We talked through what was going to happen in the next few sessions and how this new technique works. It sounds exciting! I was eager to give it a go and so within half an hour, we were interacting with Quinn. I said i wouldn't give many details away but i shall let you know how he believes this method works. By using peace of mind and bringing our levels of thinking down, the dog can then relate to us in the present moment. Through doing this, gradually and with other steps, we can teach the dog to release negative emotions and teach a new behaviour in its place.
The effects, i must admit, are impressive. After an hour of becoming present and then letting go in intervals, Quinn had become alot more relaxed although still keen to raise the attention levels when he felt uncomfortable. When we got present, he would also join us in relaxation....but within a few minutes, he had gotten back up and started pacing warily around the room. I was told that this was ok and that with just half an hour practise or less each day, Quinn would start to get used to becoming present and then i was told, we could move on to the next stage of this method....

Pros: Friendly guy! Effective results seen straight away....
Cons: ....are these results related to the changing of the behaviour? No way of telling.


March 8th, 2010, 09:17 AM

James and I have just completed the second session today and it went very well with interesting consequences, which I shall talk to you about in a minute.

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On to the report of the most recent session! If you followed the link above, then you will be able to understand what I am saying when I talk about using the present moment and such.

Since the first session, I have been working with Quinn daily for 10 minutes or, if I can find the time, half an hour. I sit him down and get present by focusing my attention so that my mind becomes calmer. By doing this, apparently I can relate to the animal, as a present mind is how we are able to communicate to our animals. The results I am seeing are interesting. Quinn seems to be a lot calmer and yawning is taking place…almost when it shouldn’t!? Hey?
His eyes seem to melt and then eventually he falls into a deep sleep.
Today we continued to work on this present moment to make it stronger.
The other thing I learnt today was very interesting. James has noticed that actually I am a strong reason as to why my dog displays the aggressive behaviour. Without noticing it, I have been relaying my thoughts and feelings to my dog almost sub-consciously. This affects Quinn and he mimics my actions because he feels that is the right thing to do. I often come back from work stressed and my dog can relate to this….not good!
To overcome this, James has told me to keep working with the present moment and eventually in the next session we will begin Stage 2, which is working with the present moment from a distance.

Pros: Interesting results with the present moment, found the problem is more to do with me rather than the dog.
Cons: Too eager to get to Stage 2! Have to work at the animal’s pace. :)

March 8th, 2010, 09:38 AM
it sort of sounds like the dog whisperers in the moment...etc..thanks for the updates

March 17th, 2010, 04:49 AM

Hey everyone! How you been?

James and I have just finished working with Quinn for the third time. I’ll crack on with this but I think it would be useful to let you know what has previously been happening.
Quinn has now learnt the present moment! I can use this moment in everyday situations and whilst on activities like his daily walks. For example, if I come across another dog on the walk and Quinn starts reacting aggressively, I go into the present moment (hard with all the noise!) and wait until the other dog has passed. Yes. I do feel like a bit of a wally but I can see a change in the behaviour. Quinn does continue to bark at the dog but only until the dog has passed. He then takes a look at me, and stops barking to await my next move. I can definitely feel this present moment working.
Today we moved on to Stage 2 of using the Trust Technique. In a sentence, stage 2 is using the present moment from at a distance. (So much more information in the website whish helped me a lot!)
James came round, explained what we were to do and then we got straight onto doing it. We made Quinn sit in his basket and I got present for about half a minute. I then moved away to a distance maintaining this present moment. Quinn kept his attention on me and I could see him responding quickly and falling sleepy within a few minutes. Great! James said I have done really well with him. :)
I wondered how we were going to advance. James said that he was going to add distractions to the scene in order to raise Quinn’s attention levels. By doing this, Quinn starts to react aggressively and was no longer concentrating on me. My job is to sit Quinn back down and get present….from a distance. So this is Stage 2….
I was told to work with this in the next few days and use distractions from other people as my tool to correct.
I must say, already I have seen a huge improvement. It would be so nice to just finish that last phase of aggressiveness….and I think we’re nearly there. Last update hopefully coming soon! :)

I will also mention that the website has helped hugely. I will be signing up for the monthly information, tutorials, videos and updates as I think the scheme in which James has set up is fantastic. Basically, you can learn from home….for soooo much cheaper than what it costs for a one to one session with James. Plus you get added bonus of watching video footage of the technique! Watch the intro video.
James works with all sorts of animals and with all sorts of problems so there it bound to be one that will relate to you.

If you want the link, then please PM me or, if it has not been disabled, it should be in the report about SESSION 2 in this topic.

Pros: Stage 2 is here and understood! Outstanding change in Quinn’s behaviour.
Cons: Realised how much easier and cheaper it is to use the website. :P

March 17th, 2010, 05:54 AM
well it does sound like things may be turning around for you , I truely hope so!! thanks for the updates

April 4th, 2010, 07:35 AM
Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late update. James has been really busy on his website recently and has received a huge amount of calls from meeting wanting him to help with their animals.
This will be my last update here as James has said that we can’t put a time stamp on when Quinn will be to behave like a normal dog. We have to work at the animals pace. He believes though that within a month of hard work, Quinn will be re-born a lovely dog! :)
However, I have seen a vast improvement in Quinn’s behaviour over the past few weeks and I’m now walking Quinn without a muzzle and although he shows signs of wanting to attack another dog/person, I can use what James has taught me and he remains by my side until I let him know that it is safe to carry on.
James did an exercise with me that shows how to use my feelings to influence the dog and how feelings that I have had before of anger and sacredness with Quinn can be turned into my advantage when working with Quinn. Although he does not wish that I share this exercise, you can view it in the tutorial on the website.
I have massive trust in James after working alongside him and have watched Quinn grow in maturity and learn how to act in a socially acceptable way. I have no doubt that what James does really does work and what he is doing for animals across the country is amazing.
If I had known however, I would have probably (rather than pay a sum of money for personal tuition by James) gone to the website and joined there as you get everything that I got for a fraction of the price. £12 a month…and that goes to helping rescue centres as well and funds James!
James has said that there is a video coming up on his site of a dog with a similar situation to Quinn’s so that will be interesting to watch for both me and you out there to get an idea of what James does.
Saying this, I do not regret seeing James over the past few weeks. He will keep in touch with me to see how I progress and I am feeling good about the whole situation with Quinn. A bit more work and Quinn will be a changed dog for good.

Pros: It works! I can’t wait to see how this technique is used on other animals such as horses and cats.
Cons: Should have joined the site to save a bit of money.

Thanks everyone and if you have an animal in need of James site, then my advice would be to join his website!