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Supplementing raw with canned food?

February 26th, 2010, 02:02 AM
Hi all -

Just curious, does anyone supplement their raw diet with canned food?

I have mixed feelings... I have been splitting one can between the 3 dogs once a week as a meal using a high quality canned food (i.e. Evo, Tripett). I like the idea as they have some added goodies in them (i.e. glucosamine, omegas, etc). but on the same hand they still are processed (somewhat)...

Just wondering what everyone else does... I know everyone does raw differently, just curious if anyone else used canned once in awhile.

As a side... took B to the vet last week for a lip infection and the vet could not believe how great she looks!! :thumbs up B felt like quite the little Queen, soaking up all the attention! We have been venturing out lately too with our meats... trying bison, elk, etc.

Oh, another Q... has anyone used rabbit on raw? And if so, how did your dogs like it? I had to special order it in, but I'm excited to see how the dogs like it! And I'm thinking it should work great for Furby's allergies!!