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Cat-killer video glorified

August 31st, 2004, 07:07 AM
The Toronto Filmfesival is going to include"The art of killing a cat"in this years festival.It's the video taken by Jesse Powers,Anthony Wenneker and Matt Kaczorowski while brutally torturing Kensington the stray cat,including gouging his eyes out,cutting his ears and skinning him alive.
The monsters say"they are sorry"but are happy and will undoubtedly make money off the showing,which in their twisted minds is a form of art and I suppose the Toronto Filmfestival agrees......
I just about lost my breakfast,reading about this(Toronto Star)this morning,nothing I have ever heard of affected me as much as this story about poor Kensingtons cruel fate and now his suffering is going to make money for someone.
I don't know what our society is coming to,if this is acceptable to anyone :mad: makes me sick!!!!

August 31st, 2004, 07:22 AM
Thats so sad, and so sick! :mad: i cant beleive that not only are they going to include this video in the filmfestival, but that the guys who did it are not even going to be punished for torturing that poor, defenceless cat!! :mad:

August 31st, 2004, 07:42 AM
There must be someone you can contact about this!!! SPCA, or your local MP. This should not be shown, and every effort to stop if should be made. Make some noise. Always remember....the squeaky wheel gets the grease! (it's true...I can be very squeaky!)

August 31st, 2004, 07:50 AM
They should be charged not awarded. This is disgusting. I can't believe they are getting away with that.

August 31st, 2004, 07:53 AM
There will be a protest beginning sept 8th by concerned citizens led by Suzanne Lahaie of"Freedom For Animals"a Kensington Market-based animal-rights group and many others,I am sure.The festival starts sept 10th.
Producer and co-director Lind Feesey says'there is more to this story than was commonly reported' :mad:
What more than sadistic cruelty,could there possibly be :confused:
The killers were charged,but recieved nothing more than a slap on the wrist and their deed is now forgotten and forgiven,especially in showing this horrid display of cruelty at the renowned Toronto Film Festival.

August 31st, 2004, 09:23 AM
Anything and everything that is associated with the festival, should be boycotted. The organisers and sponsors should be told of a boycott and why.

The media should be contacted in regards to protests and boycotts.

Where is the protest to be held? I'm not familiar with T.O.

Heartless Bast**ds! :mad:

August 31st, 2004, 09:58 AM
SSAC.The Film Festival is an international film-fest,with films shown in several theaters around Toronto.
Every year big movie-stars visit Toronto because of the Festival as it's known all over the world,to be one of the best.
I friend of mine,who goes to the film-fest every year,has a program-book and she will be able to tell me in which theater the"movie"is going to be shown.
The title is"The art of killing a cat".
I am certain any visiting famous star,will have no part in watching such a sickening display..

August 31st, 2004, 10:31 AM
:mad: Thats horrid! There must be something we can do... maybe there is a website to sign, somewhere to phone, isn't there something!!? How can they get away with that? Any normal person (at least around here) that gets caught doing that kind of evil stuff would be probably put in prison for ten years! Isn't there a law that prohibits this? :mad:

August 31st, 2004, 12:30 PM
This is sickening! :mad: First of all where the hell is the art in this? Who the hell is twisted enough to want to see this and think it is art? WTF! Where are these guys who tortured this poor cat? Heres a thought, a film titled "the art of payback to these sick bast**rds" now that i would like to see! very angry here :mad:

August 31st, 2004, 04:23 PM
Well coonlover,the art thing was the killers excuse....I have not seen the video,nor would I want to,just reading about it when it happened,gave me nightmares for weeks and the subsequent sentence for these monsters made me cry for poor Kensington,who's life and pain in the end meant nothing.
I would not think I would ever be able to hurt another human being or animal,but these three"men"I could without hesitation beat to a pulp,it's scary but true.
I am not sure what their involvment is in this,or if they get paid,but I am assuming they are,since the video was probably returned to them.
You can read all about it

August 31st, 2004, 04:45 PM
I agree with you chico2 about not being able to hurt another person, but in this case I could make an exception... that tape should have been destroyed. Thanks for the article.

August 31st, 2004, 04:51 PM
Thats legal??????

August 31st, 2004, 05:17 PM
Is what legal? :confused:

August 31st, 2004, 05:18 PM
You know....this is really getting to be a sick sick world to live in. I think that the ego of man really needs to be taken down a few notches... especially when things like Greece or this so called "art", the pit-bull debate, is tollerated or condoned or not harshly punished by anyone!!!! I mean what the **** happened to responsibility for your own actions???!!! The problem here is that very few now are ever subject to consequences....and that in it and of itself breeds the sick and twisted portion of society to the point of festering and infesting all of our lives!!!! I would hope that any and all person's of a good conscience that were planning to attend the Toronto Film Festival will refuse, at least until that film is scratched from the list. And further more....why are these such films not banned like child pornography, it is the same principal- a crime being glorified and innocents being exploited. The news does a good enough job of this, we don't need individuals taking it on themselves to do the same!!!

OHHHHHH friggin' grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! ! :mad: :mad: :mad:

August 31st, 2004, 05:36 PM
A video of killing a cat?????????????/

August 31st, 2004, 05:36 PM
Well showing it at a film festival?? Cant he get in trouble for that>>

August 31st, 2004, 05:36 PM
I would hope not! but apparently it is! :mad:

August 31st, 2004, 05:39 PM
Well i think it should be,or am i reading this wrong,someone made a video torturing a cat???? That shoudl be illegal...

August 31st, 2004, 05:50 PM
I am at a lost for words! I dont even know what to say about these people. How utterly disgusting people get? I know there has to be a law bc at the bottom of movies it always says "no animals were hurt in the making of this production" or something like that. I dont know if that because theres a lawa against or because they just want to keep animal activist from casing trouble. I dont know. goodness, disgusting, I cant believe theyll be making money off the suffering of this poor animal.

August 31st, 2004, 06:11 PM
I searched on the Toronto Filmfest site and this is the write up on there is a fair write up on this film. Thankfully, the actual footage of the abhorrent act is not part of this film, however, it is still claiming to be disturbing to viewers. I found even the blurb to be nauseating. Lezzerpezzer.

August 31st, 2004, 06:15 PM
what a reflection of our mutating and sick society, if i were in your country i would be going crazy, you get your butts down to that theater and cause the biggest havoc you can, do everything possible to stop the showing of that film (not to mention that if young ppl and kids see this sort of thing what impression will it leave about the treatment of animals).

even if you chain yourself to the theater doors, scream, shout and make it clear why you are there. get a plain white tshirt and a big black texta and make a shirt loud and clear, wear it every where. try and get near the celebrities, even if you scream over a crowd to them what is going on,
try getting on the roof of the theater and go from there. do all and everything possible.
let us know what you do and how you go, good luck, get out there and make so much noise it is deafening, this is your world, dont let others control your future and society and that of your beloved pets and family members.

August 31st, 2004, 07:53 PM
Hold on here! Have any of you seen the film? If you have, speak loudly!!! If you haven't, speak carefully! I am in NO WAY supporting "The Art of Killing a Cat" as it sounds revolting and not my cup of tea at all, but if you take a look at the list of people's favourite movies, there are PLENTY of movies that SOMEONE in the world would want to censor.

Was there a cat actually harmed in the making of this movie? Does this movie condone or encourage brutality towards animals?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then we MUST protest this movie. But I suspect the answer might be no to both of these questions, and before I get upset about a movie (admittedly with a very sick title), I want to know exactly what I'm getting upset about.

I believe that censorship is necessary at times, but we must be very careful about how we use it.

August 31st, 2004, 07:55 PM


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August 31st, 2004, 08:06 PM
Have now read more about this movie, and am curious. I need to see it before I condemn it... does it really glorify the torturers? I'm sorry, but freedom of speech is a biggie for me. I also believe in the freedom to protest (although I personally would never protest something unless I knew exactly what it was -- another's word of mouth isn't good enough).

One good thing about all this is that it spotlights the issue of cruelty towards animals and discussion is a good thing.

August 31st, 2004, 08:20 PM
Moontamara...Yes,Kensington is very dead and he was very real,just very unfortunate.
I too believe in fredom of speach,but not the freedom to string up an animal,gouge out his eyes,cut off his ears and skin him alive,while he meows pityfully in what these monsters called an expression of art.
The movie is a documentary and apparently some of it was too gruesome to show,but what they show is horrific enough.
If you have an interest it's shown sept 12th and 14th at the Cumberland theater in Toronto,if you are interested in this kind of"art".
I am sorry,I forgot you are in Korea,right,and just got married :D
I followed this story from the day it was discovered in 2001 until the perpetrators were setenced,the third and last one only last year.
The whole horrid incident was the product of 3 sadistic,very twisted individuals and their power over one little innocent cat.
At the time,it was shown on every TV-station,in every newspaper in Toronto,so believe me nothing of what I have said is untrue.

August 31st, 2004, 08:38 PM
Chico -- I'm not sure I'm understanding this -- the movie is a documentary about the people who tortured the cat, isn't it? Was the cat tortured BECAUSE of the movie? Or was the movie made after the fact? This question is crucial to understanding how sick this movie is. Of course if the cat was tortured in order to make a documentary about it, it's unbelievably sick and in no way art. But if it's just a movie about the event, it may or may not be unbelievably sick, depending on the actual content. Ahh, I'm not sure if I'm explaining my question!

Chico - I'm fairly certain this movie is not art, but I'm afraid to condemn what I don't understand. I'm sure our opinions are not that far apart on this. But I've seen people censor things too quickly before and just want to be cautious.

heeler's rock!
August 31st, 2004, 08:59 PM
This movie is about the people that killed Kensington. It reminds me of other controversial movies like The Passion of the Christ, or Ferenheight 9/11. I don't think this movie is trying to glorify killing a cat. It is a movie to get underneath your skin and make you question society and it's role in what these people did. There needs to be awareness raised on animal cruelty, and I think that's what this movie is trying to do. It says there are interviews with the 3 "cat killers". I think if they were showing this movie with the killing of Kensington as content, then there would be a need to protest. I do not believe this movie is intended to "glorify" such a horrific event, but I do believe it is to get people to question society and their role in this event. It says that the ring leader of the "cat killers" was a vegetarian and the reason he decided to tape killing Kensington was to try and compare how eating a cow is just as bad as eating a cat. How psycho is that? I think this movie is just trying to understand such twisted behaviour. I don't think censorship is gonna help here. i actually think that watching the movie may help raise awareness. I don't know for sure as I haven't seen it, but i would think based on the description of it, that that is what is trying to be accomplished. I hope so anyways....

Don't get me wrong, reading about poor little Kensington made me cry for his poor little soul, but I agree with Moontamara and that we need to be sure that this is something to protest against as freedom of speech is becoming a thing of the past.....

Cactus Flower
August 31st, 2004, 09:05 PM
Good to see you back, MoonDarlin!!!!

Here's the info on the film:

"Jesse Power, ex-vegetarian, was an art student when he conceived a new project. In May 2001, he enlisted two friends, Anthony Wennekers and Matthew Kaczorowski, to help him kill a cat. The intention was to make a video that protested the unthinking consumption of factory-slaughtered animals by killing, cooking and eating a cherished domestic pet- a feline posthumously named Kensington by animal-rights activists. Alerted by an outraged roommate, the police found the skinned and decapitated cat in the beer fridge. Kaczorowski fled and was apprehended in Vancouver two years later. All three eventually pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and mischief charges.
Fair warning: this is not an easy film. Incorporating interviews with the cat killers, as well as journalists, artists, animal activists and concerned citizens, Casuistry also contains disturbing imagery - though, mercifully, not the notorious cat video. Filmmaker Zev Asher eschews rote advocacy; rather, his documentary lurks curiously in murky terrain, playing like the punk B-side of an Errol Morris film. He places us in a unique space, one which vacillates between serious reflection, horror, transgression, banality, righteousness, humour and - mostly - paradox. This may be one of the most political films in this year's Festival. "

August 31st, 2004, 09:53 PM
Not entirely true,they ARE showing the video,except the most brutal scenes.
The documentary was made around the video the"killers"filmed while doing the deed.
Jesse Powers words in the interview"I did not even get to eat the cat!"
We can discuss freedom of speach until we are blue in the face,it still does not make the torture killing of Kensington the stray cat right and no one should profit from this evil deed.

September 1st, 2004, 06:36 AM
:mad: :mad: :mad: I am ashamed to be a canadian at the moment.....the Toronto film board discusts me :mad: :mad: :mad:

ART!!!!!!FREDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!! Give me a F@#$in break are you people for real?????????

If 3 teens came and stole your beloved pet and filmed the torchure it endured for hours on end while it was squeeling screaming and howling in pain until it's ultimate death are you gonna tell me .......that it would be ok with you that they then call it art and show it at a film festival for the teens to profit from that you would be fine with that because it is all done in the name of freedom of speech :eek: :eek: :eek:

People who are more concerned about freedom of speech than the humane treatment of animals sicken me you should be ashamed of yourself........where was freedom of speech for Kensington????????? I'm sure the poor kitty would have objected to being the object of this sick display of gross art if you can even use that it the same sentence This topic angers me and it should anger any NORMAL person IMHO these teens did nothing to be rewarded for but should have been jailed for years for what they inflicted on this poor helpless kitty. To compare this act with that of killing a cow for meat is just rediculous .....slaughter houses may not be the most humane things either I agree but I'm sure I could safely say that they don't torture the cow for hours and get joy from it's pain as these poor excuses for humane beings did
Nuff said, Sick b@#&*rds should rot in _ _ _ _

September 1st, 2004, 07:21 AM
Having read every line written about this"art-project"I am even angrier than before.
The docu-filmmaker says he wants to give a balanced view :confused: a balanced view of what? Cruelty,torture,of taking pleasure of the suffering of a little cat?
There is no debate here,the torture of Kensington was a psychotic,sick act :mad:
In the interview,Powers and co-killers say how sorry they are for what they did,since they really did not get punished,I for one hope one day they will get theirs.
During all this the press forgot to mention all the other animal-parts found in the freezer of these young"artists".
As for slaughter-houses,I agree I wish we had no need for killing of any animal,but noone working in a slaughter-house digs out the eye-balls on a cow/pig,slices off the ears,cuts the tail and skins it while the animal is still alive and strung up by his four legs and doing it dressed in a black hood laughing at the terror and desperate crying of a little stray cat,named Kensington.
Even if you hate cats,or eats cats for lunch,there is no debating the showing of this video,it's a sick display of sensationalism :mad:

September 1st, 2004, 08:20 AM
:p Touche :p...................

heeler's rock!
September 1st, 2004, 09:28 AM
You are totally getting me wrong. I cried for hours last night, reading about Kensington's death. My husband thought I had hurt myself really bad because I was crying so hard! I DO NOT agree with the killing of Kensington, nor do I agree with the fact that the killers didn't get punished the way they should have. They should have been sentenced to life in prison for all I'm concerned. I applaud your efforts to boycott this movie chico and I will send an e-mail to all the sponsers that were listed to ban this film. I just wanted us all to be sure of the facts before protesting.

Iggette, I am offended by your last post. I am not ashamed of myself for wanting to be sure that this movie was something to protest before protesting. I am a NORMAL person that loves my pets dearly and couldn't imagine the anguish I would feel knowing this happened to them. I would probably kill those little ******ers with my bare hands, and not feel any remorse for their pathetic little lives. But for you to judge me without fully understanding my view, is not right. I understand we are all angry about Kensington's death being used for profit, but we all need to stop attacking eachother and put things into perspective.

September 1st, 2004, 02:33 PM
May be Ironknight could answer this one for us.........................
Aren't "snuff" movies illegal???
If so, how can they get away with showing scenes from the snuff video without getting into trouble??????????

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Cactus Flower
September 1st, 2004, 02:55 PM
Because it needs to involve a human victim to qualify as "snuff".

Let's all take a deep breath here. I know you good people don't mean to end up fighting each other instead of this film. Emotion is running high because of what happened to Kensington.

In my opinion, any coverage that is given to these torturers is rewarding them for their act. They wanted attention and they are getting it- even without the release of the video they call "art". They probably feel like stars by now. That is why I'd have to say that I oppose this film being shown. Whether it shows them in a good/bad/neutral light is irrelevant to me- it still puts the spotlight on them.

September 1st, 2004, 03:04 PM
They killed a cat and videotaped it,f*** freedom of speech that is WRONG AND CRUEL..................

September 1st, 2004, 03:28 PM
May be Ironknight could answer this one for us.........................
Aren't "snuff" movies illegal???
If so, how can they get away with showing scenes from the snuff video without getting into trouble??????????

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I know more about American Laws than Canadian Laws...
but my answer too that would be yes! and the fact that they "CLAIM" it's ART and a Judge not using his common sense is just SICK!! MANY of our law's need to be Updated..
Canadian Laws dont give animals much rights.
We should all focus on getting the law's change NOW or remain in a continuous cycle of having to deal with with the current laws stated in the Criminal Code of Canada, The Cruelty to Animals sections (444-447)

The Cruelty to Animals sections (444-447) of the Criminal Code of Canada
were originally written in 1892 - over one hundred years ago.

Bill C-22, An Act to amend the Criminal Code, is the first major amendment to the Cruelty to Animals sections of the Criminal Code since these laws were originally enacted in 1892. The new bill moves animals out of the property section of the Criminal Code, and provides tougher punishments for killing or harming an animal, or for failing to provide adequate care. (

September 1st, 2004, 03:49 PM
Heelers rock.
I can understand people questioning our out-rage,who knew nothing about Kensington and his horrific ordeal in the hands of these monsters.
I followed this story since 2001 cried many tears and had nightmares and was totally at loss,when the judge said,"the cat did not suffer too much!"and gave these monsters a slap on the wrist.
This documentary also shows two individuals,taking the innards out of two cats and putting the pelt on their heads,beheading chickens and pigs and all sorts of sick happenings.
I will not write anymore about it(phew,eh!!)dredging all this up again,has me upset all over again,I'll just wait and see what happens.
Show-dates are the 12th,14th of september at the Cumberland theater in Toronto.

September 1st, 2004, 04:05 PM
Knight...Bill C22 is a long overdue animal protection law,unfortunately our government keep putting it on the shelf.The OSPCA has been trying for years to get it through,but to no avail.
So far the OSPCA does not have the power to go into a house or property, where abuse is suspected,unless the owner allowes it,or he/she is caught in the act.A good example is the Magayuk Rescue,which should have been shut down a long time ago and the woman should be behind bars,unfortunately that is not so.

September 1st, 2004, 04:05 PM
One more question,can someone just tell me what was there purpose of making this video???

September 1st, 2004, 04:26 PM
Heidi(I know I was not going to write again!!)This three students video-taped the evil deed in the privacy of their apt,I would say the purpose was out of sadistic pleasures,but they like to call it some form of art.

September 1st, 2004, 04:31 PM
Thanks,wow i dont think that would be legal here,our sheriff is a huge animal right s activist

September 1st, 2004, 04:31 PM
THAAT IS SOME SICK SH**,and to think those are someones children,

September 1st, 2004, 05:32 PM
firstly this is wrong and i dont agree-
but from the perspective of a vegetarian i can see the overall point they CLAIM to be making, if we eat cows why not cats and dogs? yes cows are often tourchered in abbitors (in australia) and i have witnesses who have seen the most horrific things in the meat industry.

HAVING SAID THAT there is no excuse for ever hurting an animal, it is easy to kill an animal with out pain and suffereing. i dont believe their claim to be veges, im sorry but vegetarians generally dont get off on hurting animals when we claim meat is murder, no i dont believe them. nasty f&%^s and a million karma points to them , karma always gets you when your not looking and she will make them suffer beyond belief.

as far as freedom of speech goes- ha, what a joke, as mentioned before what about the cats freedom of speech? a defenceless animal was their target, if you are that cruel and nasty you dont deserve any freedom at all, if you act in a nasty way that is not conducive to a normal and safe society well they should be locked up. if a person can do that to a cat i have great fears for what they could do and will do to a child. as many ppl know many killers have been known to hurt animals etc, yeah these boys are of to a good start..
not to mention the simple damage the name of the movie can cause, it is glorifying the death of the cat, and the content, as we have all seen many young ppl will copy what they think is cool, look at jackass and the copy there and all the accidents, do i doubt some one will copy these boys, no i dont. :mad:

September 1st, 2004, 05:33 PM
The OSPCA can go on a property without owners permission, it's called "right of way?". However, to go into someones house or dwelling, you need a search warrant. To obtain a warrant, you have to prove to a JP that you have "resonable grounds". Depending on the JP, this can be one of the hardest things to do and one of the most frustrating :mad:

In one month, I served 6 SW's, all were for abandonment. :( One of the warrants took me 3 tries to obtain. If I had any more evidence for this particular JP, she would have choked on it. The 3rd attempt was approved, it was a different JP :rolleyes:

If an officer sees an animal in "distress", in a yard for example, they can tend to that animal and relieve the distress, even if it means removing the animal.
They can not under any circumstances look through windows.
If a distressed animal happens to jump up at a window and the officer sees it, they can try for a SW. I'm sure this is why the windows at Magayuk are painted out. :mad:

September 1st, 2004, 07:34 PM
Iggette, telling people they should be ashamed of themselves is not helpful to any discussion. Expressing your point of view is important and even if we don't agree I'm interested in what you have to say. But attacking others for their points of view, (and misinterpreting them, as EVERYONE posting on this thread so far is definitely an animal lover and has in no way placed the rights of freedom of speech above the rights of animals) will only damage your credibility. Not that I blame you for feeling emotional about this.

I would like to explain why I am questioning these emotional responses. In Canada, there were many books banned from schools (and still are, I'm sure) for reasons of sexuality, bad language, etc. The sad thing about these bans are that they were excellent pieces of literature, in many cases, and more than 90% of the people voting to censor had not read the literature in question. They were basing their opinions on gross exaggerations by a select extreme few. Flowers for Algenon, The Diviners, Where's Waldo are a few of the banned books. In Where's Waldo the offending part was that on the beach page, there was an exposed breast!!! A little happy smile with a dot in it!!! For that the book was banned!!! But most of the people agreeing to ban it believed they were banning a picture book that depicted nudity.

I have two simple questions about this movie: Is Jesse Powers (if I remember correctly, he is the filmmaker???) one of the torturers? Or is he just a filmmaker? I'm still very confused on this point as it seems like there are a lot of contradictions on this thread. I will say it again -- this point is crucial. If he is, the film is basically a kitty snuff film, and sick SICK SICK !!! If he is ONLY the filmmaker, the film itself may or may not be ban worthy. My second question is: Has anyone posting here seen the film or know anyone who has?

September 1st, 2004, 08:24 PM
There is a naked breast in Where's Waldo? !?! How many people with magnifying glasses did it take to find that?

The country of Canada has banned books????? Now how the hell do you enforce that one? Do the book police come to your house if you are suspected of owning a copy of Where's Waldo? Is owning it a criminal offense? Can I get jail time?


September 1st, 2004, 08:38 PM
LOL Sandi!!! No, Canada isn't banning books, just some schools in Ontario (probably other provinces too, but my research was specifically Ontario). They were banned from the libraries and also from the curriculum of course!

Do you have such smut as Where's Waldo? in your possession? Egad :eek:

September 1st, 2004, 09:12 PM
Tamara,newlywed or not,what is it exactly you do not understand?
The home-video was made by the three ART-students,Jesse Powers is the person torturing Kensington for 17 minutes.
The Documentary being shown at the Filmfestival,features several animal-cruelty acts and interviews of the three"art-students",including clips from their "art-work".
Yes,I know people who have seen the video,personally I chose not to,descriptions were enough.
Protesting this documentary has nothing to do with cencorship but everything to do with human decency.

September 1st, 2004, 10:27 PM
What I really don't get is who the heck is spinning their heels on this bill?? I mean who in their right mind would hold it up or oppose it? It's a frikkin no brainer!!!!! DUH! :mad:

September 1st, 2004, 10:31 PM
THAAT IS SOME SICK SH**,and to think those are someones children,

Exactly!!!! I mean where did the lessons fall on these rats!!! Mom and Dad must be very proud of themselves for raising such upstanding young men huh?

heeler's rock!
September 1st, 2004, 10:31 PM
Thank you so much Chico, for explaining yourself. I had no idea about Kensington until this thread. After I read about her, I couldn't believe how cruel some people could be. I agree with Moontamara in the sense that knowing the facts about this case is crucial. You can't win a fight unless you know what you are fighting against. I totally believe in animal rights and do not feel that this video in any way is art. Kensington suffered enough in her short life and should be allowed to rest in peace. Of course I'm not going to go and see this movie, but only because I am affraid of what I may see. I also have to say that freedom of speech DOES NOT win againt animal rights, nor am I trying to prioritize the two. I will not see Kensington suffer anymore and therefore will not support this movie in any way. That is my choice, but people need to be allowed to make these choices for themselves. Will banning the movie help anyone? I can sleep better at night knowing that I did not condone this film, but I can't be okay with taking away a person's right to choose. I understand that emotions run high when an animal that suffered so much is involved. It's a hard position to be in when you want everyone to feel the way you do, but unfortunately, that is not how human nature works. Some people don't care about Kensington or what she endured. Some people care so much, it physically hurts to think about it which is like most of us on this forum. Some people are in denial about it, that it even ever happened. These are the choices we have made. The Toronto Film Festival had made their choice to show it, and anyone who goes to see it, makes that choice on their own.....

September 1st, 2004, 10:46 PM
Chico, I'm sure you didn't mean your last post to sound as hurtful as it did. From the little I know of you, you seem kind and good natured. My marital status doesn't seem to be relevant in this particular thread, so I'm not sure why you mentioned it...

Exactly what I didn't understand was whether or not Jesse Power was the actual film maker of the documentary in question. If you read over the thread, you'll see that other people had the same confusion. The director's name is Zev Asher, and as far as anyone knows has never tortured an animal. The torturers will not be making any money on this film. This may seem obvious, but again -- reread the thread. There was confusion about this.

Actually, the original post said this: It's the video taken by Jesse Powers,Anthony Wenneker and Matt Kaczorowski while brutally torturing Kensington the stray cat,including gouging his eyes out,cutting his ears and skinning him alive.
The monsters say"they are sorry"but are happy and will undoubtedly make money off the showing,which in their twisted minds is a form of art and I suppose the Toronto Filmfestival agrees...... It seemed to me like Chico was saying that the torturers made the documentary themselves. Perhaps I'm just dense, but I found that confusing.

Anyway, I will likely never have the chance to see the film and I'm fine with that. I understand why some of you want to protest, and I'm glad that in Canada you have the right to do so.

Thanks for reading my opinion. It is only that, my opinion... I don't want to get into any personal tussles with anyone here.

September 2nd, 2004, 12:08 AM
I just called Fex Ex and gave them a blast of poop. I also work for a large company and use fed ex a lot. Tomorrow I am dropping those A@@ holes for supporting a sick movie like this.

September 2nd, 2004, 01:29 AM
I agree with Heller on this one. I was to quick to place my opinion when I first read the title of the film and the content. After reading this thread, I can see where I was wrong. Dont get me wrong, the toturing of any animal is completely wrong and should never happen. However, I can see the message that was trying to be protrayed by the maker, although the way he went about it is COMPLETELY WRONG. Correct me if Im wrong, but was the maker a vegetarian trying to show how killing a cow can be closely compared to the public by killing a cat, something that people can relate closely to? Honestly, seeing something like that, may make me see the cruelty that we cause other animals so that we can enjoy a 4 course meal, and make me think twice the next time I get a hamburger. I also believe in a persons right of choice. We choose to watch the movie or we choose not to condone it, its our choice. And I, like Moon, had a little confusion on who the maker of the film was and who the toturers were. .. Its a little late nad had a long day, so If I got alot of the facts mixed up.. my apologizes, please correct me, but that only my opinion. Thank goodness for freedom of speech... :)

September 2nd, 2004, 08:22 AM News
August 31, 2004 1:39 PM ET
Organizers of the Toronto International Film Festival will not be pulling a documentary about the torture and killing of a cat from its 2004 lineup, despite an outcry from animal-rights activists.

Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat is a 90-minute documentary exploring the torture and death in May 2001 of a stray cat named Kensington by Jesse Power, Anthony Wennekers and Matthew Kaczorowski, all in their 20s.

The three videotaped the incident, in which the cat was tortured, disembowelled and skinned alive with knives and dental tools. Kensington is beheaded at the end of the 15-minute video.

The documentary, produced and co-directed by Linda Feesey, does not feature the video taken by the three men. It opens with a 1980 "performance art" flick, in which two cats are disembowelled and worn as hats.

The filmmakers also spoke to the detective who worked the case, as well as animal-rights activists and now-Globe and Mail columnist Christie Blatchford.

"They really do regret the whole thing," Feesey said of the killers, in an interview with the Toronto Star. "They're not trying to glorify themselves."

Freedom For Animals, a Kensington Market-based animal-rights group, sent a letter to the organizers of the film festival, urging them not to air the film.

"Casuistry is another opportunity for Power and his friends to defend their horrendous actions," the letter said.

The group also warned it would protest the film is shown, and would contact some of the celebrities that will be attending the festival to let them know about the documentary.

Despite those calls, festival programmers are going ahead with plans to air the documentary on Sept. 14th.

"This is about freedom of expression of the filmmaker to make an intelligent, responsible film about a difficult subject," Festival programmer Sean Farnel told the Toronto Star in an interview

Power, Wennekers and Kaczorowski all stood trial on animal cruelty charges. During the case, Power's lawyer told the court the video was made as an art project showing it was hypocritical for society to kill some animals for meat, but not others.

When the video of the torture was shown in court, spectators were overcome and some plugged their ears to block the cat's moaning. Others left the courtroom.

In 2002, Power and Wennekers pleaded guilty to mischief and animal cruelty for participating in the killing of the cat back. They both received a 90-day sentence, to be served on weekends, followed by 18 months of house arrest.

Power unsuccessfully appealed his sentence.

In July 2003, Kaczorowski was found guilty of animal cruelty and mischief in connection with the incident. He was sentenced to the maximum six months in custody for his animal cruelty charge, but received eight months credit for the time he spent in jail awaiting sentencing.

He was also given three years on probation for mischief.

Kaczorowski was the subject of a manhunt following the discovery of the video. He was eventually found in Vancouver, and was arrested and brought back to Toronto to stand trial.

September 2nd, 2004, 08:40 AM
I was reading Paul Peveres(filmcritic TStar)account of the film,calling protesters ignorant hysterics.
The fact is,the infamous video is not shown,but a printed transcript,just as bad.The video it self was unattainable,thankfully!
The sickening fact is,these monsters are once again making headlines,giving them a chance to make a"buck"off their crime.
No matter what is shown and there is several scenes in the film that will apparently make an animal-lovers skin crawl,it is WRONG and sends the sick message to all the crazies out there killing cats is acceptable,might even be considered art.
Thank's Knight for that article!

September 2nd, 2004, 08:56 AM
Any Kids in the Hall fans out there? Anyone remember the 30 Helens?
In this case, I'd like to say, "30 Helens agree that torturing cats is wrong." But I'd also like to say that "30 Helens agree to disagree on the issue of whether or not making a documentary about someone else torturning a cat is wrong." Hmm, the second one doesn't have the right ring, but you get the idea... I'm sitting here praying someone out there has seen a Kids in the Hall with the 30 Helens, particularly the "30 Helens agree to disagree" one. If not, I probably seem totally loony.

Anyway, Chico, I honestly think that we agree on the main issue here, but have different ways at looking at the details. When I read (and I read a lot today because I was tired of not knowing) about the incident, it made me sick to my stomach to a point of not knowing if I could keep my lunch down, literally. If I was in Canada, I may or may not protest the showing of this film. But I was actually never against YOUR informed opinion (I understand that you can be informed without seeing the documentary, and I respect your reasons for that), but more frightened by so many people outraged by something they knew so little about -- having only read about it here, and not having done their own research at all.

Please understand that I never meant it to get personal, and I'm not sure how or why it did. I have adverse reactions to censorship -- to be perfectly honest, it frightens the bejeesus out of me!! But I know it has its place in our society too, and in NO WAY do I condone what Jesse and his friends did.

But Chico, I have to ask -- what's with the newlywed comment? I know it's probably mostly an overreaction on my part (or entirely), but you had me in tears here! I almost asked Ironknight to remove the thread with the pictures on it, I was so upset. Probably just PMS on my part.... And honestly it wouldn't have bothered me from someone I didn't already have respect for, but from you it was like a slap in the face. I honestly didn't realize I was offending you up until that point. Chico, we're still okay aren't we? :confused:

September 2nd, 2004, 09:08 AM
Tamara,in no way was my newlywed comment meant to hurt you,I forgot to put a "happy face"after it.
I jokingly meant,you are so deleriously happy after a wonderful wedding to the man you love and still up on cloud nine(which is natural :D )that you could not have enough space left in your heart for poor unfortunate Kensington :(
Of course we are ok,we all have a right to our opinion,it does not mean we are mortal enemies....I might be a borderline nutcase,but at the time of this henious(sp?)act of torture,it sickened me for weeks and even now being talked about again,makes me ill.
Hence my reaction to this documentary :mad:

September 2nd, 2004, 09:15 AM
Thank you Chico. I knew you were a sweetheart! I definitely have room in my heart for poor little Kensington! I know I should have just let it roll off my back, but it's not my style, and now I'm glad to understand what you meant. Okay, well off to bed for me!

September 2nd, 2004, 11:26 AM
Regardless of whether it's shown or not. I'd still like to get my hands on the F**ckers that made the video and torture, and kill them. The things I could do to them probably makes me no better than them, but I am SOOOOOOOOO sick of all the animal cruelty in this world. I've seen enougth of it to last me a lifetime. :mad:

So many don't care about what happens to an animal, but if you do, you're automatically branded an animal rights fanatic instead of someone that just plain cares. :mad:

September 2nd, 2004, 01:13 PM
Tamara,in no way was my newlywed comment meant to hurt you
i knew chico did not mean it :) ...but understood how it hurt Tamara had gotten :( big hug's tamara..

Justice will prevail!

September 2nd, 2004, 03:04 PM
Oh my goodness, on the test, that is a pit-bull? Maybe his turned head fouled me up, because I do know what a pit-bull looks like. :D

September 2nd, 2004, 04:19 PM
My intention was not to offend anyone inparticular on this board it takes me forever to read, gather my thoughts, then try to post them so they are understood so instead of quoting you I have quoted myself with explaination in hopes you better undersatnd what I was trying to relay.

:mad: :mad: :mad: I am ashamed to be a canadian at the moment.....the Toronto film board discusts me :mad: :mad: :mad:

ART!!!!!!FREDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!! Give me a F@#$in break are you people for real?????????

(You = ANYONE who thinks it's ok under the freedom of speech act or Expression of Art to glorify in any way the torture of animals)

If 3 teens came and stole your beloved pet and filmed the torchure it endured for hours on end while it was squeeling screaming and howling in pain until it's ultimate death are you gonna tell me .......that it would be ok with you that they then call it art and show it at a film festival for the teens to profit from that you would be fine with that because it is all done in the name of freedom of speech :eek: :eek: :eek: (personally I think this speaks for itself very clearly.......but again YOU is in general ANYONE)

People who are more concerned about freedom of speech than the humane treatment of animals sicken me you should be ashamed of yourself........

( IMHO If people condone this and say it is ok, because of freedom of speech, it will only encourage the future filmakers to make what another documentary another film because it will happen, what we allow now will be repeated in the future.......horrible thought.....I am not proritizing which is more important but there has to be a place to draw the line and my heart says this is it if I was on a sensor board this film and documentary would be as good as dead!)

where was freedom of speech for Kensington????????? I'm sure the poor kitty would have objected to being the object of this sick display of gross art if you can even use that it the same sentence This topic angers me and it should anger any NORMAL person IMHO these teens did nothing to be rewarded for but should have been jailed for years for what they inflicted on this poor helpless kitty. To compare this act with that of killing a cow for meat is just rediculous .....slaughter houses may not be the most humane things either I agree but I'm sure I could safely say that they don't torture the cow for hours and get joy from it's pain as these poor excuses for humane beings did
Nuff said, Sick b@#&*rds should rot in _ _ _ _

Hope this clears up any misunderstandings :)

September 2nd, 2004, 04:22 PM
Here,here Iggette!!! I soo agree,as you know!!

September 2nd, 2004, 05:30 PM
Thanks Ironknight! Hey, is Ironmaiden your lady in waiting???

Gotcha Iggette -- just as long as you realize that myself and Heeler's Rock and no one else here ever supported the 17 minute homevideo of torture nor said it was art. I'm not sure anyone here actually even supported the 91 minute documentary (THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING -- EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS NOW, RIGHT???), but advised caution in condemning it. I honestly don't think we should be ashamed of ourselves for that, do you?

It's important to read through a whole thread before posting, especially if the topic is an emotional one IMHO.

Donna Marie
September 2nd, 2004, 06:24 PM
They should be charged not awarded. This is disgusting. I can't believe they are getting away with that.

They were convicted....but certainly not to the extent that most people would have liked.

The judge went as far to say that he would have given a stiffer sentence if the law allowed him to do so.

Any profits made from this film should be put towards animal rescue groups, as it is seemingly the purpose of this "film" to incite public awareness.

The documentary neither glorifies nor condones the torture of animals. It does NOT show any of the actual, graphic video footage from this criminal event. It does include interviews with those who were outraged by this event including the detective who handled the case as well as committed animal-rights activists. People who have viewed the film and that includes several Toronto journalists and our curators - indicate that it certainly does not allow room to sympathize with the actions of the convicted criminals portrayed in the documentary and shows them to be morally bankrupt.

September 2nd, 2004, 07:28 PM
Thanks Donna Marie. Good idea about using the profits to help animals.

heeler's rock!
September 2nd, 2004, 10:32 PM
Hey Iggette! Thanks for clarifying yourself! I'm just glad that we are all somewhat on the same page with this. We all need to stick together on this one and although we have different views on the movie being shown, we are all in agreement that Kensington DID NOT deserve the hand he was dealt in life. The only peace I get from Kensington's death is the fact that he is now in a place where humans can't hurt him. God rest his soul........ :(

I wrote this for Kensington.

Lost Soul....

I live to die, and in death I am whole.
You took away my freedom, you tore apart my soul.

You came just to hurt me, but yet I forgive.
An animal is just like you, and I deserved to live.

My screams you did not hear, my life you did not keep.
I hope when you lay down at night, my screams don't let you sleep.

I am just one of the many, who are murdered everyday.
Those who do not want us, just throw us all away.

I had someone to love, who I know loved me too.
I wanted to love everyone. Everyone, including you.

You took me from my home, from those I cherished most.
I hope you realize what you did, and are haunted by my lingering ghost.

My death was not in vein, the good ones still fight.
I hope someday you wake up, and I hope you see the light.

September 3rd, 2004, 01:14 AM
I still can't believe you can't get Where's Waldo at the library!!!

(Don't worry, my copy is safely tucked away so the book police can't find it.) :D

Why is it that the court systems can't seem to understand that animal abuse goes hand in hand with human abuse and serial killing? And to glorify animal abuse in the name of art? It is hard to believe that anyone will show up for the showing of this film besides the protestors.

September 3rd, 2004, 06:20 AM
Heelersrock. Kensington was a"stray"living in Kensington market,maybe some kind soul kept him fed,but he had noone to curl up to and purr for.
He probably was happy when these young men picked him up and took him home,not knowing the horror awaiting him.
Your poem is a wonderful tribute to Kensington and others like him,my tears were flowing freely reading it,you are very talented.
I would like us to make a tribute to Kensington in our Virtual Cemetary and include your poem if thats ok with you.

September 3rd, 2004, 06:49 AM
Heeler's Rock -- very touching poem. Oh Chico, you're probably right about that -- how shockingly sad to think that he was so pleased and felt so loved to have someone take him home.

Honestly, I can imagine someone conceiving of this disgusting and horribly misguided idea -- it reminds me of KD Lang asking "Why do we call some animals our friends and some animals food" while petting a cow -- only this is same point in reverse (KD Lang's statement was both cute and well-made, however, in total opposition to these freaks)... but I CANNOT imagine anyone with a heart actually carrying it out!!! How could they turn themselves off to the pain they were causing? They seriously must be deranged. Although they aren't the first to commit acts of atrocity towards living creatures, be they furry or human, and sadly they won't be the last. Egad... I think I need a break from this thread...

September 3rd, 2004, 07:10 AM
I know what you mean,I think we should let it rest for now...
I put Kensingtons tribute so nicely written,in our virtual cemetary,maybe if he's watching us he'll feel good his suffering is not forgotten :(

heeler's rock!
September 3rd, 2004, 08:37 AM
Thanks Moon and Chico. I would love to have my poem on Kensington's tribute. I know he was a stray, but maybe he wasn't always one. Maybe at one point someone did love him and he got lost.....who knows for sure, right? I know what you all mean about taking a break from this thread. I'm sure Kensington is happy to know that people still think about him....This has been a very emotional thread, but I'm glad it was here so we could all remember Kensington.....

September 4th, 2004, 11:52 AM
You cannot torture humans and videotape so why do we do it with animals.
I have an idea....lets catch those three kids and do to them what they did to that poor little kitty film it and submit it to the film festival. Do you think they would enjoy that.Sick ***** probably would.

September 4th, 2004, 01:22 PM
I'll tell you what if my kid did that he would never see the light of day ever again. The thought of all this seriously makes me sick to the stomach. I just wrote the toronto film festival and email explaining my disgust in their decision to show this film. I think all of you should do the same. Be mean be very mean. I was.

September 8th, 2004, 09:13 AM
Is anyone protesting the Toronto Film Festival?

September 8th, 2004, 10:45 AM
Heelers Rock, what a nice poem and tribute to Kensington. I'm sure he's smiling down on you :)

heeler's rock!
September 8th, 2004, 11:04 PM
Thank you Coonlover.....I really appreciate that.... :)

September 15th, 2004, 09:40 PM
I was at a movie beforehands called Shadows of Time and was surprised when I came out and saw all the protests mentioning 'cat killer', etc. I remembered hearing about the case but didn't know they were showing a documentary about the people who did it. I'm an animal lover myself and hearing about animal cruelty hits me really hard.

You may have heard by now but Jesse Power, the guy who did the horrific deed to the cat, actually showed up at the event just as I was hearing from a media person about the documentary and thinking that if I saw the director of the movie I would probably punch him out - well that's what I felt like anyway. But the guy who did it had the nerve to show up. He said he wanted to take credit for his work and face the wrath. He actually approached the protestors twice before he was taken away by police. That was after I confronted Jesse Power himself to try and see if there was any humanity in him. I wasn't one of the protestors originally so I was on the side of the street of the movie theatre until after Jesse left.

I wanted to add some things that I've learned. The producer, Linda Feesey, is an acquaintance or friend of Jesse Power. The Globe reported that she gave Jesse a ticket and a friend of Jesse's was in another one of Linda Feesey's movies. Do a google on her and see if you think she's interested in trying to get any message across or whether she's just a sicko like Jesse trying to profit from his heinous crime. She's done a porno movie with people with cerebral palsy and Casuistry was made on $400 only. She has made a movie called Target Practice on Organ Meat, Apocalypse Now, and Drowning, from the F***head Film Cycle of Films and the description says that she gets naked with guns and IV needles and one called The Trouble with Pokey where it only says: "A domestic nature film. Pets aren't forever." I think we can start to see a pattern here. I found a picture of her here in case in you see her on the street and want to give her a piece of your mind:

"In essence, Casuistry is a documentary about the making of a snuff film. It doesn't contain any footage from the video that Power made; instead, Asher gives us a wound-by-wound account of the incident in the form of a police transcript. In some ways, this verbal record is just as damning.

For instance, when the cat is first strung up by its neck, one of the accomplices asks Power to explain his intentions for the video: "What're you going to use it for?" "I don't even know yet," comes the response, which flies in the face of any defence that the young man might now mount of his actions on artistic grounds. As his own words show, art was the furthest thing from Power's mind as he repeatedly slashed the cat's throat with a razor."

I don't buy the co-director of the film festival's arguments (Noah Cowan) and the director, Zev Asher, about this being an issue of freedom of speach and the exploration of what art is. When I see a quote from Jesse Power on the film festival's site (, I think that they really are giving this guy a platform to justify his actions because they have such a screwed up idea about art. They even give the perpetrators a voice in the documentary by interviewing them. It's really making me rethink the integrity of the whole Toronto International Film Festival. They are also showing a movie about amateur porn stars which is the movie with the most walk-outs and I saw a couple last year that I didn't pick which were also questionable in their intention like Monster and some Japanese movie filled with disgusting violence and bestiality.

The movie is also an opportunity to promote Zev Asher's band Roughage, [sic] which does all the music.

I'm also thinking that the documentary is asking the wrong question. I don't think that it's a question of whether what Jesse Power did was art but whether it was ethical or not. That would really simplify the whole thing. Asking whether something is art or not allows too much room for sick people to do sick things in the name of art and it's not the point. I mean you could probably find some creativity in the acts of the worst serial killers but that doesn't justify it. Even when the film comes to the conclusion that what Power did is not art, what does that really mean? If they killed the cat in a more artistic fashion would it then be considered valid art and be allowed to bypass the criminal justice system and be shown around the world? This is a really dangerous line of reasoning in my view.

I find the whole thing so upsetting and I hug my cat harder because of it. These guys should be in jail for a very long time for what they did to this poor stray cat. I found it really touching when someone mentioned about the cat being excited that someone was taking it into their home only to be tortured and killed :mad: . I can't imagine what kensington went through and I hope it never happens again.

Sorry for the long post.

September 15th, 2004, 10:13 PM
Billygoat,thank you for your post...I think everyone in this Forum agrees with you,there is no question this was nothing but a barbaric,sadistic act...
We have some more comments under the"articels and news"thread.
Kensingtons cruel fate was on my mind for a very long time and literally made me sick,even now it effects me deeply.
We put the poem(written by Heeler'srock)in our virtual cemetary,to honor the in death famous poor little Kensington.
May Jesse Powers and co rot in hell one day :mad:

September 16th, 2004, 12:55 PM
We have some more comments under the"articels and news"thread.
hi chico,
can you pass me a link to the 'articles and news' thread, I can't seem to find it.

September 16th, 2004, 01:11 PM
Billy,I actually meant"Newspaper Articles of interest from around the world"the second thread on the bulletin board,sorry don't know how to give you the link in this thread.