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Ideas for activities inside apartment (dog)?

February 18th, 2010, 08:11 PM
So Simba and I (and his "dad") are very, very active. He usually gets 2 hours of walking per day plus another hour at the dog park, trails, etc. As a result, he is fairly athletic and it takes more and more each time :) We love that, and he loves it too. :thumbs up

The problem is now that I am more than 7 months pregnant, I'm starting to slow down. I still plan on walking him the same amount, even go for some sprints or jogs, but I can't keep chasing him at the dog park for much longer (I give it another month, maybe 6 weeks). Can anyone offer some indoor activities? Outdoor is ok too as long as it doesn't require him to be off-leash (he cannot be off-leash ever).

February 18th, 2010, 08:36 PM
Hide and seek is probably the game our dogs love best. And you can make up so many variations of the game. You can tell Simba to sit and stay and then go hide. You can hide treats in a carton box (make it easy to open at first). You can make it more difficult by hiding boxes within boxes or by taping the box tight and have him destroy it :D.

We also hide treats around the house, in their toyboxes, in their stuffed toys that they've already gutted :rolleyes:, and so on.

Is there an area in a park or a friend's yard that Simba is allowed to dig in? You can teach him "dig" by burying favorite toys and treats as well.

You can also teach him some new tricks. Roll over, play dead, speak, etc.

And then there are some neat interactive toys that most dogs love. Plastic versions are much easier to clean.

We play lots of tug too but the rules must be made clear. No teeth on skin and dogs need to know "leave it."

February 18th, 2010, 08:38 PM
These are some older posts you might want to have a boo at regarding indoor homemade agility equipment.

And I think LP did something with indoor stuff. Or was it Breeze????

Most of MafiaP's photo's have been removed from photobucket. But she made alot of stuff for Cider out of supplies you can buy at Canuck Tire.

February 19th, 2010, 05:14 PM
Thank you for the great ideas!

We tried the hide-a-treat thing last night. It needs some work :D but we will keep at it. He really enjoyed it.

We can explore agility too (in the house), although he still does not have 100% recall (more like 22.5% on a good day, a breed thing) so I don't know how well it will go.

He loves to dig, we don't have any friends with yards (Vancouver is SO expensive, nobody has a house!) but we do take him to a local playground with sand. He freaks out, but at 16C and sunny, there are so many kids that we can't bring him in.

We will certainly build him a sandbox when we move this summer.