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Soooo tired

August 30th, 2004, 09:39 AM
One of my beagles has developed a fabu new habit.....she snores! Or rather vibrates or something. I'm pretty sure she's sticking her nose in her bed and blowing bubbles. Atleast that's what its sounds like. No gurggling, just a low but constant base note....all night....every night. I've been crawling out of bed about 10 times a night these last few days doing everything but praying to get her to be quiet. I was even dragging her crate around my room at 5 in the morning this morning hoping that a few more feet of distance would muffle the noise. It didn't work.

Healthwise she seems fine. No cough or stuffiness aside from the usual occasional beagle reverse sneeze. She's got water in her house so its not from being thirsty. Toby, my foster, snores like a freight train which is why he sleeps outside the bedroom and not in it. You don't think she's starting to emulate him do you? Ugh. I love having her sleep in the room with us and I think she does too. However if I don't get some sleep i'm not going to be a fun beagle mom to be around. Worse case scenario, one of the spare bedrooms is going to become her room. Although i'm hoping to figure out some other trick that will work that will allow her to continue sleeping with us.

Any suggestions? Of course at 6:30am when i'm trying to wake up I notice that she's now sleeping peacefully and quietly as if she'd never made a peep in the first place. Its like there's a switch that turns on between 1 and 5am each night.


August 30th, 2004, 10:05 AM
Maybe between the hours of 1-5 she's in that deep deep sleep and that's why it's the only time she snores or vibrates as you say. I do not know of a way to get her to stop especially if it is the case of deep sleep... if it were me I would switch rooms for a while and then try her sleeping with you again, maybe it's a phase?