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Delilah's training

February 14th, 2010, 10:06 PM
I would liketo thank everyone for their help with her toileting problem. She did finally go pee potside. Our new challenge is trying to get her to come when called and accepting treats from us. She turns and goes the other way and does not accknowledge us. We cannot get her to accept treats from us. She is six months old and had been living in a small dirty kennel with her mom and two sisters. Is it just lack of human socialization?:shrug:

February 15th, 2010, 11:52 PM
Is she off-lead or on a training lead when you are trying for "Come" ? I found a training lead to be really useful, particularly at the onset of training when the pup isn't sure quite yet whether the whole thing is fun and interesting. It may be too early in her training and socialization to expect success with her off-lead.

As for the treats thing it may be her past coming back to haunt you or it may just be her nature. My grrrrl Ceili is not food-motivated and is very suspicious of all treats given to her, even by me and even with raw meat, giving everything a thorough sniffing before taking it from a hand. Quite often I will put a treat on the ground for her to sniff and take at her leisure. You may need to find another way of motivating her if she is not food-motivated and doesn't respond to praise.

And yes, given the lack of positive human contact in her background, it sounds like you will need to do a lot of socialization to build a relationship with her on her terms ~ " softly, softly,slowly, slowly" as the saying goes.