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FIV Progressing, causing chronic URI

February 14th, 2010, 10:00 PM
Hey everyone... a little over a month ago my cat Tessie tested FIV after she suddenly got sick. It's been a back and forth battle for her. The first round of antibiotics helped her a fair amount, but she got sick again as soon as we finished them. I took her to my vet (not the shelter) on Tuesday and he put her on 10 days of Orbax and is having me continue with the eyedrops I got from the shelter- tobramycin.

She's doing okay, but this seems to be an ongoing problem. Her eye boogers are mostly gone but she's sneezing all the time and just in general doesn't seem to feel so great. My mom asked my vet for a life expectancy but he's not giving her too long. He feels that she's likely had this for a long, long time (basically from birth or as a young kitten from what I gather) and since the shelter didn't test her- which i wasn't totally aware of- having gone unrecognized for so long she is now fully symptomatic. Sort of like how HIV progresses to AIDS, well I think that's what has happened to my poor cat.

So, in perspective she is not horribly dying or suffering immensely, but at what point do we say that's enough. It's just a regular URI, but if she can't even fight that off with an even stronger medication and not to toot my own horn but under the care of a professional, erm, sick/disabled cat carer?

:shrug: It's kinda like Timmy all over again. Something so simple turns out to be something terrible. And now I'm stuck in fricking hospice situation again.

CAN MY CATS PLEASE STOP DYING? I swear the sick/defective/disabled cats find me. They always do. And really, yes I'm happy to help but it's getting to be too much. I'm spending so much time taking care of my sickly pets these past couple months that I've basically not had any time to see my friends. I don't want to come off as heartless, but now with Tessie I just can't figure out what to do, and it's frustrating.

Jim Hall
February 15th, 2010, 12:34 AM
how old is she?
and have you seen a homeopathic vet also?

February 15th, 2010, 02:17 PM
She's estimated to be about 3-4 years old. For homeopathic vets I'm not really into that. I work at pet store that sells all the homeopathic and holistic stuff and I know quite alot about it (and have met some homeopathic vets) but I don't think it's going to help at all for this particular situation.

I've added Geneflora to all my cats diets though, since it's a general probiotic I figure it can't hurt... might give them all a little boost. It's helping Maxwells ear problems :thumbs up

I'm going to ask the shelter tomorrow if I can get bloodwork for her...