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Scruffy is actually TIRED!

February 12th, 2010, 10:45 PM
Not sure where to post this, but I have never seen this before. In the nearly two years since I've had him, this is the first time he's been TIRED!
hee hee
I took him to a sitter for a few days while I was away. THey run a dog boarding business full time, at their treed, 10-acre site. They dogs run, play, chase, fetch, chase squirrels all day, then fall asleep on the living room couches. Pure doggy heaven!
It's a wonderful place! I just had to post, as I picked him up this afternoon and he's been sleeping ever since. I've never seen him TIRED before..I kinda like

February 13th, 2010, 08:29 AM
Doggy Camp! :laughing: You gotta love it when they come home, curl up and just go to sleep.

Sounds like a great place to board Scruffy! :highfive:

February 13th, 2010, 09:11 AM
Oh to be a fly on the wall just to see the mischief he got up to that made him so tired!? !