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"If your dog doesn't like someone

August 30th, 2004, 02:07 AM
"If your dog doesn't like someone you probably shouldn't either." - Unknown

now that was in another post as a signature, (sorry to owner of it, i got excited and didnt look at the name, sorry sorry sorry, its funny you posted it though).

what do you think of that saying?????

i have always believed whole heartedly in charlies judgement of ppl, if she does not like someone i will leave their presence and not speak to them again (if out) or ask them to leave my house and i dont care who it is, i truly believe she will know if someone is bad or has bad intentions. in the past 8 yrs there has only been several ppl she has definatly not liked and made it clear, and she is a lover of all humans most times.
she is a normal happy dog, yet i recall 2 men who upon meeting (i was there, normal meeting, they were not alone with her, she had never met them before) she became hysterical, literally screaming in a high pitch howl and frothing at the mouth, trying to get at them, well i kicked them out of my house without a secound glance and they made no protest, i will never ever doubt her sense of character.

do you have this faith? similar experience?? what is your opinion????

August 30th, 2004, 02:24 AM
Well if that was true then I wouldn't be meeting anybody. Newt does not like that many people as he is insecure. But then Hera just loves everybody. So that saying has no value at this house.

August 30th, 2004, 11:39 AM
I believe that my dogs can "pick up" on things that I can't. I was walking one of my dogs and she lost it with a man walking across the street. That was very out of character of her and it took me a while to calm her down.
The man did look abit dodgy. Made me wonder if she knew something I didn't.

I think that they're a pretty good judge of people. They love me! :D LOL

August 30th, 2004, 12:04 PM
100% Agree With That..............

August 30th, 2004, 12:57 PM
Hi Mel, the signature's mine - glad you like it!

I actually chose the line as a signature in honour of my dear departed Murphy. She was the most loving, friendly dog you could ever want to meet. She had cured many folks who were deathly afraid of dogs, and befriended quite a few non-dog enthusiasts. However, once in a while, she'd see someone walk past and just lose her mind - hackles up, growling ... you know that deep "don't even think of coming near us" growl. I could never find a pattern to this behaviour (it's not like it was always men, or always people wearing a hat, etc...). I am of the firm belief that she knew something about these people that I didn't. Hey, who knows? Maybe "bad guys" give off a certain vibe that only animals can detect - kinda like what they're doing now with training dogs to detect cancer in people...

August 30th, 2004, 01:04 PM
My mom used to say if your dog doesn't like someone lose them as quickley as possible. I believe they have very keen senses when it comes to people good or bad. I will trust my dog before most people.

August 30th, 2004, 01:22 PM
I know I have heard that growing up. My grandma also use to say that if dogs and children liked you than you were okay! :D

August 30th, 2004, 04:52 PM
sorry writing4fun, i did get too excited when i saw itm i missed your name, ooppps. :D fantastic answers, interesting to see such a big majority, good thesis topic if you ask me.
writing4fun that is a good point about the cancer dogs, and they say dogs detect epileptic fits also, apparently some dogs will react just before the person fits. dogs are very intune to many things i am not, and amazingly to the point of detecting illness inside the body, wow amazing. but when you consider the chemical changes and reactions in the body when one has these illness it makes alot of sense that a dog wuld notice.
i have also had pregnant girlfriends tell me that their dogs behaviour changed when they got pregnant, one friend had her dog follow trying to sniff her crouch for the entire 9 months (now that would get me annoyed) and he never left her side unless forced.
they say dogs can also detect bad spirits (of which im afraid) and will react badly to their presence, i agree and if im scared i ask charlie to look, if she is calm and ok so am i , gosh she is a good girl :D :D (and tolerant :D silly human )

August 30th, 2004, 06:13 PM
Don't worry about it, Mel! I'm glad you enjoyed it and it provoked such a reaction! :D Great stories from everyone. Keep 'em coming!

Cactus Flower
August 31st, 2004, 01:39 AM
Yes, I believe that - if it involves an otherwise friendly dog.

Raj has an interesting way about her.

One time my son, Raj and I were sitting outside our favorite restaurant, just talking. My friend, Weldon came out. Weldon has suffered a brain injury and walks with a very palsied gait, talks in an extremely loud voice and slurs his words. Well he noticed us and said "Hey, you brought your new dog!", and came over.
Raj took one look at him and knew he was "different". She didn't growl or bark, but her hackles raised as she stood up and cautiously watched him. As soon as he got to where we were sitting, Raj backed up, never taking her eyes off of him- and SAT ON MY SON.
That's what she does if she is extremely suspicious about anyone. She sits on him!
As for me, she will just position herself between me and the person. No matter where you are standing, or if you are moving around- she will keep herself between us, with her posterior pushed back against me.

August 31st, 2004, 03:00 AM
I to hear you folk and likewise agree,Having said that and if thier so clever then why oh why cant mine pick the winning lottery numbers :confused: :D

August 31st, 2004, 09:39 AM
Stewart, Have you tried? You never know :D

All 3 of my dogs knew i was pregnant before I did. They were more attentive than usual and followed me everywhere (no crutch sniff though, thank god).

When I'd wake up, they would have their heads laying on me, staring. It got alittle creepy after a few days of waking up with all 3 staring at me. It seemed to stop when I knew what was going on. Connor wasn't the most planned baby! :)