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dog has developed chewing habits - only when we're home

February 9th, 2010, 09:35 PM
My boyfriend and I recently adopted a 9-month old corgi cross from an animal shelter. When she first came, it was like she didn't know how to play. We gave her toys and she would just stare at them. It took a few weeks, but she has now become a playful puppy and loves her toys. She didn't chew anything she wasn't supposed to, and was fine to be left to run around when we weren't home. Over the past couple of weeks, however she has begun chewing things around our home. It started with socks and now she's chewed two jackets, the handstrap on our camcorder, and strings from hoodies. The strange thing is that this only happens when we're at home - she doesn't touch a thing when we're out of the house. We're not really sure where we're going wrong here... We live at my boyfriend's work and I'm finishing my degree through correspondance, so we're home with her all the time. We cuddle and play with her constantly, but it seems that the second our backs are turned (to shower, nap, etc.) she finds something to chew. We've tried buying her lots of toys and giving her chew sticks. Also, I take her out for a run or to the dog park for an hour a day which completely wears her out. I've tried putting her on time outs when she chews something she shouldn't. None of this seems to make a difference, and it seems to be getting worse. Any advice?

February 9th, 2010, 10:10 PM
Demanding lil cuss isn't she!!!:laughing:

Do you ever crate or xpen /babygate her ?

It sounds like she needs to learn "down-time" now that you've taught her how to play. There is a technique ~ can't remember what it's called ~ where during puppyhood you tether the puppy to yourself as a gentler means of teaching down/stay. As the puppy matures, you expand to tethering stations (lag bolt rings in the wall) whereby you begin to leave the pup at the station in a down /stay away from you but still in sight of you for longer periods of time progressing to you leaving the room/ being out of sight for longer and longer periods while she maintains the down/stay ~ you of course are watching covertly to make instant corrections when she breaks the down /stay.

I don't know all that much about Corgi's but my neighbour has a corgi-shepherd cross (cutest little thing) and she has ALWAYS wants to be the centre of attention since they adopted her and she experiences bouts of separation anxiety periodically when he is out. she also likes to chew and claw doors :eek: