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Thinking about getting a bunny but need some help, rabbit experts?

Little Sloth
January 26th, 2010, 09:10 AM
Since moving from home I've felt so alone without a furry little friend so I've decided to prepare my new home for one. Since I am not allowed dogs or cats here I've decided on a rabbit since I've always wanted one.
I have done some reasearch but am having trouble finding specifics.
I love lionheads so they are the breed I'm after so my questions apply to them, her I go.
Do lionheads have trouble getting poop caught in their fur? If so would it be safe to take them into the shower and lightly rinse their bottom off? (I have no bath)
What is the best way to keep cables out of their reach since all the plugs are at bunny height.
I know bunnies can be litter trained but can they be cage trained? (Only poop in their cage)
What are the best brands of bunny food?
What size of cage should I be getting him?
Are there any problems/information I should know about the lionhead breed?

Sorry about all that I just want to make the best home for a new family member.