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January 18th, 2010, 04:58 PM
I'm hoping I may get the answer(s) I need here.:pray: My puppy Jerzee is 7 mths. old she is a cross between a jack russell and wiener ( and maybe even chi wa wa :clown:(spelling? ) She has taken obedience classes classes and also spent a week at a board and train. Since she has come home from Board n' train she has decided to poop any and everywhere:yell: She uaed to have the occasional accident before this but the last few days it's been 4 0r 5 times each day:eek: Before when she pooped in the house it was always the same spot, now that has changed, she even pooped on my bed!:shrug:Is she mad at me for sending her away for a week ? She is very healthy so that isn't a concern for me. Also my cat Lola will poop in his litter box but pee's anywhere but:eeew: This has been going on a few months now and he is otherwise a healthy cat ( if I happen to leave my bedroom closet open she will poop in there:frustrated: ) I've had it up to here with poop!:wall: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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January 18th, 2010, 05:12 PM
Sounds like there is a bit of bathroom chaos going on in your home. When did the peeing with the cat start in relation to you bringing home the new puppy?

As far as your puppy suddenly peeing in the home; this often happens when house-training is not consistant, which in your situation could've been a result of bringing your puppy to a kennel.

You will most likely have to start from the beginning with your training. Keeping her on umbillical with you in the house when you are distracted will help, as will putting her in her kennel. Continue putting her outside everytime she wakes up, after she plays - eats/drinks, etc.

Avoidance will be key at this point - just ensure that you are watching her and whenever you are the least bit distracted - she should go on leash, or in her kennel.

January 18th, 2010, 05:19 PM
Thanks for responding. Lola has been peeing off and on since we got him. In the last 4 mths however it's not been in his litter box:confused: With Jerzee it's the pooping since she came home from the trainers:shrug:

January 18th, 2010, 05:22 PM
Right - I imagine your cat is responding to the sudden change of a puppy in the home. How old is she? As far as what to do about it, I unfortunatley don't have any suggestions/thoughts - I'm sure some of our more cat savvy people will help you. :)

As for your puppy, continue monitoring her and going back to step one. Most likely she was allowed to pee/poo in the setup that the trainer had for her, and she's reverted back to going anywhere. It's certainly workable as long as you continue being consistant and patient.

January 18th, 2010, 05:26 PM
For the cat - he may be suffering from a bladder infection or another medical problem. If you take him to the vet, they will let you know what is going on with him medically. If after the vet visit, the cat is medically sound, then it could be that he does not like the type of litter you are using, or the box itself (open top or closed top). Also, where the box is put may also be an issue. If in a high traffic area, he may be reluctant to use. The best course of action is a vet verification. There are many people that can help if you find out that medically, the cat is ok. We can take it from there.

As for the pup - you may have to re-commence house training. You will have to put forth a schedule of when he goes out and provide positive re-inforcement to encourage good potty behaviour. Some breeds are a little more tempermental to house train, but in time you will have this under control as well.

Best of luck to you.