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what was I thinking!

January 17th, 2010, 11:22 PM
Went to the GNR concert last night with hubby and two of my sons...omg I have had the headache from hell all day today!
Axel Rose, sure has changed, put on a bit of weight, lost his long peroxide blonde locks, looks like he's had some not too good plastic surgery over the years. Still has his voice tho, altho at times you couldn't understand a word of what he was singing due to the static ridden sound system. Or maybe after the third set of fireworks my eardrums became distorted!
It took 42 years to go to my first heavy rock concert, and I marked the occassion by buying a t-shirt....45 bucks for a t-shirt....but hey ya only live once right!
I'm back to not having a computer, both mine and our son's have gone kaput once again, so I'm using his laptop at the moment...not liking it very much.
Well back to my reality of laundry and dogs....have a good night everyone.