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Male or female cat

January 17th, 2010, 01:15 AM
Which is better to bring home to a house with 2 male cats that are about 9 years old. We use to have a female as well until we had to put her to sleep.

January 17th, 2010, 05:35 AM
All I can speak from is experience...I prefer males cats, and some will argue about this, but they seem more affectionate. Over the last 35 years or so I have had many. many males. only 2 females.
When I took Chloe into the house, (a stray about 8 -9 months old) I was kind of surprised to find she was a female. I asked my vet about bringing in a girl with four other boys in the house, she said it is always a matter of personality and not gender, especially as they are all altered (Chloe will be on the 26th)
On the other hand though, after I got my first Maine Coon - male - I was told the experts suggest another brought home should be female. I got another male anyway, and another, and another.
I have had NO problems so far, just normal readjustments with Chloe since she was a stray. She plays and gets along great with the boys, but is still a tiny bit apprehensive with her people room mates! :D
My suggestion, go to the rescue and let your next baby pick you, regardless of gender. :cat:

January 17th, 2010, 07:41 AM
Generally speaking, I've found males are more demonstrably affectionate, and with females you have to earn their love and respect. And once you do they are more concerned about you, or maybe a better word is solicituous, especially during illness. I always think it's best that the cat chooses its owner, so rub your hands on your boys and go off to a rescue or humane society and see what happens. With two 9 year olds, I would look for a kitten under 8 months. Usually adjustments to a kitten go better than to an adult. Have fun! :cat:

January 17th, 2010, 08:14 AM
In general I have found males to be more social, than females.

A couple of things to think about if you are thinking about getting a mature male. Are your males very laid back? Do they spray or react when there is another male outside?

However if you are thinking about a young cat (under 9 months), it may not matter if you get a girl or boy. Pick the one whose personality you think will fit into your clan the best. I have always found that cats pick you, not the other way around, lol.

January 17th, 2010, 11:05 AM
my males are pretty laid back. I am also going to be looking for a kitten.

Thank you for all your suggestion. I will keep this in mind when or if I go look for one.

January 17th, 2010, 09:09 PM
I brought two stray males into my home last winter, and two of my older males haven't stopped spraying since. One I gave to my mother in law, and one I have to keep locked in my computer room for good, I've tried everything and nothing stops him. I would stick with a female if I were you.

January 17th, 2010, 09:38 PM
I had all male cats first time around and now have all female cats. I've seen no real difference to introducing cats to either sex. Sometimes one of the current cats had an absolute dislike for the new arrival and sometimes not. Introductions can be tricky and need to be done slow and with patience regardless of the sex of the resident cats and the newcomer.


January 17th, 2010, 10:13 PM
what would the best way to introduce the new one to the house. I have read online that you should lock it in a room. keep switching stuff between the old household members and the new one. gradully introducing them.

I haven't had to intro new cats to each other for just about 7 years. Last time we just brought the new one in the house they them sniff each other, then let them run around together. There was some fighting but not alot. But also the last time all the cats were around 2-3yrs old.

What are your suggestions?? :)