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I need to know if this is normal

January 16th, 2010, 09:42 AM
My cat Tom has been with us for about four months. He was abandoned by our old neighbors, they moved and left him, he started coming around here and my girls started feeding him lunch meat. Then he started coming in the house, to make a long story short he is ours now and we love him. The thing is I brought him to the vets, he had crystals and a blockage. They fixed that gave him his shots, neutered him and told me he has FIV. Now I feed him wet canned food mixed with water. Its called urinary SO, and expensive since we are on a budget. (Please let me know of cheaper alternatives.) Now That he is home and not going outdoors anymore he is peeing on my bed, by the door and in his litter box. He is peeing alot everywhere. (i am happy that he is peeing regularly) What do I do? He also seems very sad, just not himself, he doesn't have an appetite like he use to, and seems depressed he is also sneezing. Is this normal or could something be wrong? He's only been home for 4 days

Thanks for any advice

January 16th, 2010, 10:05 AM
Hi Jenny, how kind of you to take in this poor kitty. :angel:

Just wondering if the vet checked for a urinary infection as well as a blockage?

Are you feeding kibble or canned?

Cats should only be feed canned or raw food as they have a very low thirst drive, creating very concentrated urine, resulting in crystals and stones being formed and chronic dehydration.

I have attached some websites for you to view:

Another on cat nutrition:

Most vet food is really overpriced, not so great quality food and yes, you can get a better quality for the same or a bit less.

My favourite food is Nature's Variety Instinct and my second is Wellness, grain free.

Attached are the manufacturer's websites:

January 17th, 2010, 10:16 AM
I feed Tom canned wet food mixed with water now. Before I was feeding him dry food. I had no idea that it could hurt him. Why is it even sold??? I've told all my family and friends with cats to stop feeding dry. I'm still not sure if he is totally better yet. Do you think that if I keep him well hydrated it will get better? My aunt suggested mixing cranberry capsules in with his food, have you heard anything about that? He is peeing alot, just not always in his litter box. I think I might bring him back to get checked again. This is odd, I never thought I was a pet kinda person, it's mind blowing how attached you get.
One more thought, Could he be being peeing in the house becuse i'm not letting him outside, thinking i'll throw him out????

January 17th, 2010, 10:36 AM
There is another disease kitty's get called FLUTD. Here is some info on that.

There is no proof that cranberries work for cats, the best thing you can do, IMO, is to feed your cat a species appropriate diet (high meat protein, low or no carbs, including grains and potatoes). The body will then regulate the proper PH levels for your cat. Also the increase in water will keep the kidneys and bladder flushed.

I agree, kibble for cats should not be sold!!!!!!!

Have you considered a raw diet for your cat? If not, you may want to. It is what cats do best on.

January 17th, 2010, 12:29 PM
This is important to remember. CATS DON"T THNK LIKE HUMANS. This means they don't go the bathroom in the house as revenge, or because they watn you to do something. THey go because they don't understand better, or they are marking territory, or there is something wrong and they can't get to a litter box in time.
You're not the only one who was feeding dry food to your cat because they didn't know better. We fed my Dusker dry food without realizing the dangers, and after coming to this forum I now realize this probably contributed to her hyperthyroidism.

January 17th, 2010, 12:54 PM
I have found that having multiple litter boxes, one on each level if you have multiple floors, helps deter any peeing issues if they are not infection related. You say the cat is peeing by the door... is that an outside door? If so, could it be that the cat is *wanting* to go outside to go pee, but confused? If that is the case, you might want to put a litter box near the door so that he can go there.

The cat only pees on YOUR bed, and not on your girls' beds? If that is the case, is it happening daily, a few times a week, etc? Could it be related to changing the bedding, and the bed not smelling like you anymore?

Please do check in with your vet regarding continued peeing issues... specially since the cat is in a high level of stress since he's moved house, changed humans, and has a whole new environment. Be sure to scoop out litterboxes at least once a day. Cats can be very fussy about going on a litter box when there are already clumps in it.

January 18th, 2010, 08:56 AM
Tom has been being a little better. He seems happier with two litter boxes. Although my daughter was painting and laid the painting on the floor to dry and he went and peed on it. But no big deal. I was also thinking about him eating less, is canned food more filling than dry??? He doesn't want any food in the evening. Is once a day enough? Does him sneezing mean he is sick?

Thanks for all the tips.

January 18th, 2010, 09:03 AM
No, canned food should not be more filling than dry as there is a much higher water content in it.

A change in a cat's appetite can be a sign of illness. When you had your cat to the vet, did the vet do any bloodwork?

January 18th, 2010, 01:36 PM
Yes he had blood work done. He has FIV. The vet said that it is like aids and affects his immune system. So maybe he caught a cold at the vets.

January 18th, 2010, 01:44 PM
I was thinking more along the lines to check for organ function/infections etc., especially because he has FIV. Yes, the symptoms you are listing are symptoms of him being sick.

FIV is a very sad disease in cats :(. Poor kitty.

Here is a website that is easy to read on the disease:

Jim Hall
January 18th, 2010, 04:59 PM
canned foor isnt more filling but like in humans , the better the quality of food the less you need or want to eat

du will sometimes get by on 6ozs a day of wet esp if she hasn't been active

February 2nd, 2010, 08:23 AM
Well My Tom seems to be back in good health again. He is looking great, no more accidents in the house, but now his appetite is huge. I already feed him 5 tablespoons of urinary S/O everyday which is more than what the vet recommended, and he begs for more all day long and all night long, waking me up. Is there anything else I can do or give him to make him feel full?

February 2nd, 2010, 11:06 AM
How old is Tom, and how much does he weigh? Is his weight an issue at all, either too fat or too thin?

Is he still peeing a lot? How many times a day?

February 2nd, 2010, 03:57 PM
only 5 tbsp? that doesn't seem like anything at all to me. If that was one of my cats they'd be starving!

February 4th, 2010, 11:07 AM
Tom is around 1 and a 1/2 and he is about 13 lbs. The vet said he is a big boy but not at all worried with his weight. He is peeing about 4-5 times a day and they are big pees. He is used to eating dry food, and I had his bowl full all day long. Now he is only getting the wet. I give him a tablespoon of the medi-cal urinary SO 5 times a day mixed with a little water. Should I give him more?

February 4th, 2010, 05:20 PM
Tom is around 1 and a 1/2 and he is about 13 lbs.

Given his youth and weight, he definitely needs more food. If I'm calculating this correctly, is Tom only getting about half a can of wet food per day? How did the vet come up with that amount? He should be getting more like 2 cans per day. At 13 lbs, he needs somewhere between 20-30 calories per lb per day. Lets go for the middle range: 25 cal X 13 lbs = 325 cal/day. One 5.5 oz can of Medi-Cal S/O has 161 calories. 2 cans would be 322 calories, so that would be about perfect. If you've only been giving him 5 tbsp per day (roughly, 1 oz is about 2 tbsp), that's only 2.5 oz of food. Yikes! No wonder he's starving.

You also don't need to feed the S/O, which is just an overpriced gimmick. Here are the main ingredients:

Water Sufficient for Processing, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Pork Liver, Pork By-Products, Corn Flour, Fish Oil, Powdered Cellulose, Dried Egg, Vegetable Oil,

Too much liver; corn flour and powdered cellulose aren't fit for feline consumption; by-products aren't so bad if you know what they consist of, but since we never do when they're in pet food I try to stay away from feeding them every day. Vegetable oil is just cheap fat and the dried egg is most likely an industrial waste product. As Love4himies mentioned, a better choice would be to feed Tom something like Wellness, Nature's Variety, By Nature, Innova Evo, Merrick, etc. Here is some info on how to chose a commercial canned:

Raw is also an excellent option.

February 4th, 2010, 06:40 PM
Thank you so much for telling me that. I just gave Tom a full can for supper and now he is laying belly up on the couch totally satisfied. Tomorrow i'm going to get him some cans of wellness, since that was the last of medi- cal so. I'm looking forward to the savings. Is there treats that I can still give him? He loved the Temptations, can he still have that??? I only use to give him 2-4 a day. What do you think about cat nip and cat grass, is that O.k.??? I've stopped giving him any extra treats out of fear that I might make him sick again.

February 5th, 2010, 06:56 AM
There are some great grainfree treats called: "Now".

February 5th, 2010, 07:17 AM
Is there treats that I can still give him? He loved the Temptations, can he still have that??? I only use to give him 2-4 a day. What do you think about cat nip and cat grass, is that O.k.???

In moderation, Temptations are okay, but there seem to be a few stories of cats getting addicted to them and refusing to eat normal food. Some better choices would be a higher quality meat-based treat like Halo Liv-a-Littles ( 100% freeze-dried meat, or Real Food Toppers ( or Benny Bullys ( Pieces of fresh (raw or lightly cooked) meat also make excellent treats and would probably be the cheapest option. You can freeze some chicken in bite-size bits and take a few out every day to thaw.

Absolutely, cat grass and catnip are totally fine for Tom.