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Bayley has a Christmas houseguest

December 25th, 2009, 10:22 AM
and my first time actually dog-sitting. He's kinda cute for a small dog. Likes to mark in the house but since he's so little it doesn't take much Nature's Miracle to take care of it. OMG though Nino is way bigger than him and weighs at least 5 pounds more!! Nino wasn't too impressed..I think he thought Gizmo was another cat at first! That's one kitty I wouldn't want to really po!!! When he starts that low! Not something I'd want to hear in a dark alley!

Anyway, my dog who has been accused of being vicious is being such a good girl. A little jealousy...that's my mom.. on the other hand she keeps bringing him toys but he doesn't seem to really know about toys. Fortunately he knows about the crate...wasn't sure what to do with him at night, so I thought ok try the crate...phew, he complained a little then curled up and went to sleep and was quiet all night. Yay, cause I have to work tomorrow night and didn't want him to be a problem at night for my Mom. The only thing is it's cold here -29 and outside isn't his thing! He certainly doesn't want to go visit the neighbour dogs like Bayley. Don't think his idea of fun would be a game of fetch behind the house today!!

Poor puppy though he eats he has those icky tear stains on his face. Seems to be a pretty content little poop though..not much training, doesn't seem to know many words. I guess he's just a typical family dog. I think maybe I spend too much time with my dog!! Ah well he is kinda cute and doesn't bark much, a little when he wants to come in and yesterday Bayley was barking at someone outside, so he had to join in. It's such a little bark though!!