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laddies remberance at christmas

December 24th, 2009, 05:49 PM
wmy family adotped laddie in 21978 he was a colie x lab when he was 2+yrs old my mother passed away, laddie help to feel the empty space we endured, he lived happily to 1994 that was when he crossed the bridge to the other life
we are honoured to have such a loving animal so proud he was he will be surely missed every christmas that came along laddie sang to his favorite song he wolfcalled and the song he sang to was I heard the bells on christmas day, it was a golden oldie, maybe he sings it in heaven with all the animals but i have not got the recording on a tape, i will upload sometime,
laddies other name was young winston, he always stood like a soldier so proud, so couragous,he will always live through our hearts forever,
happy christmas laddie your brother is with you in spirit, dougal followed laddies footsteps and dougal was buried beneath where laddies favorite place was,laddie lay peacefully at the garden of rest where all the animals lay in peace there,he was layed to rest at the pdsa dunkirk.
he was cremated and his ashes were spinkled where the bird font were.
at least we know where he lay,
all my love to laddie in heaven and dougal too
happy christmas to all at rainbow bridge:candle: