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Treasure Hunt

December 17th, 2009, 04:52 PM
This year, we are rather poor. After weeks of trying to explain to DH that Christmas isn't about the gifts, he finally got on board when I showed him this idea:

My mom called me this morning with a great idea to keep the kids busy while we are cooking dinner. She suggested a treasure hunt with clues leading them to different parts of the house to find the next clue. With each clue they get right, they will find a treat (candy, nail polish, little dollar store puzzles). At the end, they will be led to one good present from my mom: a robot, a pedicure kit, and a scarf/glove set.

Here are a couple of the clues. Keep in mind they are for kids that are 6 (Zackary), 11 (Danel - pronounced Danielle), and 12 (Becca). What do you guys think?

1) What happens to the stuff you throw away?
It all ends up in a landfill someday.
For all this trash, the Earth must pay.
But for some trash there is another way.
You will find your next clue in the place where the cans lay.

2) Your next clue is under where the water stays.
In this water an animal lays.
Swimming is how he spends his days.
If you ask him a question, bubbles is all he would say.

3) Words are stored within this thing.
It tells you what each one means.
This thing lives upon a shelf
With other things just like itself.

4) In this place, itís very cold.
Yummy things are kept here, Iím told.
When the door is opened, a light turns on.
To guide you in your quest for the flan.

5) Look in the place that clothes are cleaned.
It should be very easy to see.
Water swirls with soap suds galore.
To find your clue, open the door.

There are a 24 total, but this is the general idea. Cool?

December 17th, 2009, 06:37 PM
Very cool. I used to do this with my 5th grade Sunday School class. I would hide clues all around the building. They would look up a scripture verse and then have to find the clue that matched it. A quote about giving God your first fruits led them to find an apple. There was a reference number tied to the apple. When they looked it up there was a quote about living water, they found bottle of water behind a potted plant with another reference and so on and so on. And the final clue always led to a big bag of candy or wax lips or something that was just for fun ! The winning team got extra points towards their end of year total. (Boys against the girls on attendance, memory verses, etc)

They had so much fun on Treasure Hunt Days !!

I bet your kids will remember this Christmas as something special because of this. And it will keep them busy and having fun!

December 17th, 2009, 07:18 PM
Thank you!! I really hope so. The treasure hunts you used to do are ones I would normally do. I'm a little more versed in scripture than the kids though. They are stepkids that come from what could only be described as an Agnostic-heading-to-Athiest family.

I think it would have been more fun if they had to look up the scriptures to find the next clue. To do that, we would have had to do Bible 101 first and their Mom may have killed me at the end.

I AM glad to see that this has been done before and was well received.