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YAY Calgary!

November 27th, 2009, 07:37 PM
Nationwide the animal adoption rate is a dismal 1.5%
Calgary has a 50% adoption rate!

Calgary doesn't restrict the amount of animals one can have, as long as they can afford to feed and vet and meet the requirements of pet ownership.

I think more animals are being euthed because of municipalities capping the amount of animals per household, (a law I seem to constantly ignore:o).

There are ppl out there that shouldn't have 1 pet let alone 2 or 3, but why punish or limit those of us that can afford to have ohh say more than 3 dogs. I could easily afford to adopt and care for 2-3 more, thus saving them from being euthed, because there aren't enough homes or ppl in the position to adopt right now.

I think tougher legislation against animal cruelty and neglect should be the focus, and punishing those that aren't caring properly for their pets.