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Is it really soo hard for cats to share things?!

November 26th, 2009, 05:27 PM
Need to rant! :yell: :yell:

We have 2 purr pads ( cuz we have 2 male cats. Therefore, one for each. They are both fixed. Gizzy was fixed at 8 or 9 months.

Last year, I had blankets to provide a comfy spot for them to sleep on the long couch that seats 3 ppl. After a few days, Gizzy sprayed them even after I washed them to keep Forest off. Now we have the purr pads instead. They were kept on the white loveseat. I keep my computer out on the couch cuz we only have one desk and only room for one computer there. The purr pads were always getting stuck in the couch from my weight, so I moved them. One to each (cloth!) recliner. By the way, no spraying happened when they were side by side on the white loveseat.

Now, a few days later, I smell urine. It's not wet therefore someone sprayed and I'm willing to bet that it was Gizzy since Forest tends to beat on Gizzy. There are times when Gizzy will be sitting on the chair and Forest jumps up, starts licking his head and then proceeds to "play"/fight until Gizzy runs therefore surrendering the spot and Forest makes himself comfortable. Especially when there is a free recliner next to the table not 3 feet away. :frustrated: Lately, I've moved Forest to the other chair before any bothering can start.

My bf is starting to get frustrated and is almost at the "get rid of them" stage. I suggested a crate to keep them in when we can't watch them 24/7. I was thinking of getting them proper beds but this would probably happen again so what's the point? We usually have the soft-sided carriers out and they use them as hideaways as well, but no spraying in there (:fingerscr if ever!) and there's only been one out right now.

So does anyone have any thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

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