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Need house breaking help 4 two adopted male dogs DESPERATE

August 24th, 2004, 07:05 PM
We adopted two dogs. The first is a male bichon he is three years old. The second is a shiatsu he is just under a year. Anyway, they have not been properly trained and we are starting from scratch.
They are both in crates and do not mess in the crates. However they will mess in the home. They could be outside for two hours running and playing outside and as soon as they come into the home they go to the bathroom.
When they get up in the morning and we let them out of the crates and they go outback they will go potty. However, when they come back into the home they will potty again within a half hour.
We have nature micicled the whole house.
My husband is about to lose his mind.
I'm desperate. Both of these dogs have already been in two homes before mine and they are so young. Both were given up because of their potty problems. They are both neutered.
Any advise???

August 24th, 2004, 07:27 PM
Well yes it's like starting from scratch with them.

First do not scold them or yell at them if you catch them doing it in the house that will only make it worse. Just wait until finished and take the offender (lol) outside.

When they do go to the w/r outside reward them and make a HUGE deal about it...even a happy dance or song ha ha ha if you have to!

Give them a little treat...get some small training treats from the pet store and keep a few in your pockets at all times. IT WILL WORK

If they have been in crates/cages for a long time at shelter or from a previous home then they still think going indoors is okay...or say someone left them home A LOT for a LONG period of time, well they'd have no choice but to go inside right.

Point being, if you go outside and they go w/r reward them with pats praise and treat.

Start saying to them (3 or 4 times in a row) when you're going outside
'lets go pee' or something of that nature or
'you have to go pee' then once they learn what that is you can use that as a tool to get them to let you know. Every so often you can say to them 'have to go pee'

And if they freak out or run to the door, well there you go!!

AND when they do come to you or scratch at the door to be let out you make a HUGE deal about that too :D

Would love to see some pictures.

ALSO a reminder to do training with them separately and let them learn things away from one another or they'll rely on eachother TOO much and will forget all about you. Do obedience training with one in the crate say....or being held off at a distance while watching the other do training. (Sit, down, down stay) and so on. Constantly use their names while training to get them familiar with their 'own' individuality and names.

Best of luck :D
IT all takes time