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RIP Alex- advice needed

November 24th, 2009, 11:39 AM

Alex was my neighbors cat before they decided to toss her out. They claimed several things about her being wild or peeing in the house or something. I watched their house & cats while they were away several months ago and this cat was a total wallflower. I have no idea what they are talking about.

Anyways they were totally oblivious to the whole situation. Alex tried to follow them in their house and while they weren't mean or abusive they were stupid. After I noticed Alex started to loose weight and it was getting cold, I decided something needed to be done. She kept trying to get into my house so that helped things along as well.

I got her FVRCP and Rabies shots updated on 11/2 as well as applying advantage multi. The new owners took her that night. They had a great reference and are a very nice young couple.

I did not hear anything either way and sent them an email the next night asking them if everything was alright and to call me if they had any problems. I didn't hear anything and assumed no news is good news (which i rarely ever do).

Well last week on 11/17 I got an email from them asking me to call them. Which I don't know why they didn't just call me but whatever. I got the email I believe the next day and called them last Wednesday. They said Alex was afraid of their dogs and hid under the bed alot. They wanted to return her.

I said that was fine and I asked if they could give me a day or two to find a foster home for her to go to and make all those arraignments. They said that's fine that she would be okay. I called them back Friday after arraignments were made and an emergency foster. Again they didn't mention anything too bad going on.

So when they dropped her off to me at the shelter last night as arranged, they just mentioned she had some poo on her butt and they tried to clean it up. I just figured all the stress she just had an accident on the way over.

Well, I noticed she didn't look too fantastic but also didn't look deathly ill. I set her up in a crate for the night and left around 5:30p.

About 2 hours later the shelter vet calls me and tells me she collapsed and had been vomiting. He did what he could to help her last night and when I came in this morning around 7:30am she was on her side and not doing so well.

We couldn't even wait for him to get here, we had to euthanize her a few minutes later. She was completely jaundiced and when I actually held her she was skin and bones. The vet told me she was totally dry inside- bladder and bowels. He tried to run a parvo test on her and couldn't even use a q-tip to find anything. She was so dehydrated.

So we couldn't find anything in particular wrong disease wise, but this cat starved to death. Was it intentional? I don't believe so. But still, they did not mention the severity of what was going on even though I asked during both phone calls if she was okay to hang on a few more days while I found emergency placement.

This does trace back to the fact my neighbors threw her out, but what should I do? In the very least this is neglect on their part and my neighbors part, but I really don't want to start pointing fingers because for all we know the cat could have had an underlying condition.

I had made them sign sort of a contract and the agreement was to take the cat within 2 weeks of adoption. I called to verify at the vets office if they ever came in and they did not.

Overall while the situation sucks, the people who took the cat were kinda careless with not telling me the cat apparently was starving to death and my neighbors who tossed the cat out to begin with.

I have so many animals myself (cats, feral cats and exotics) that I worry if I start trying to blame people and take legal action that considering I really don't have much proof aside from the vets statement (and I don't really want to get him involved!)... this will just turn around and bite me in the butt.

UGH. Just awful. It is true no good deed goes unpunished.

November 24th, 2009, 11:44 AM
I personally would call whoever handles animal cruelty investigations in your area, let them know what you know, then let them handle it.

The cat was starved and that is cruelty, period! Ignorance and stupidity is not an excuse for breaking the law.

If the cat didn't come out from the new owners bed for days, then it is their responsibility to ensure for the welfare of the cat.

:rip: Alex, you are in a better place now :candle:

November 24th, 2009, 12:28 PM
They live in Philly though which is another jurisdiction :shrug: I cant try contacting the PSPCA. Too bad I am on bad terms with the CEO :rolleyes: so that won't help matters.

I'm waiting to hear back from them.... I mean they should have realized something was wrong. The cat was on the thinner side when I found her, but she was skin and bones this morning.

She was so sick we couldn't even find a vein to euthanize her and as much as we didn't want to we had to do it IP. She was so on the verge she passed away almost immediately after the injection. That's how bad she was.

I'm so annoyed..... I mean I'm glad I didn't wait another day cause gosh knows what the heck they would have done :yell: not bad people, but just stupid

November 24th, 2009, 01:24 PM
Some people are just too stupid to look after another life.

Poor Alex.

:rip:Sweet little angel.:cat:

November 24th, 2009, 01:59 PM
I talked to people at the shelter a bit and called and of course the people didn't answer. I left a voicemail that I wanted to ask some questions about Alex for the shelters cat surrender profile. Still haven't heard back.

I can't decide do I tell them NOW that they killed the cat or I suppose just report them to the SPCA and let them handle it. I'm sure nothing will come of it but atleast having an officer sent over to their house might clear a few things up for them :frustrated:

November 24th, 2009, 03:33 PM
Okay, so they called back. I just asked a few questions but in the end she sounded like she was getting suspicious of me so I didn't want to ask anymore questions.

She said Alex was eating Cat Chow and no wet food. I asked what kind of litter and litterbox they used and they said clay litter and an uncovered box. The said she missed the litter box a few times.

I mentioned that she appeared a little under the weather and asked how she had been the past few days. That's where she kinda just resistant and said she had been fine but kinda turned around and said that since she didn't want to come out from under the bed that's why they weren't comfortable keeping her.

I don't quite know what to think. I just don't understand why they didn't realize how bad of shape she was in or why they didn't call me sooner :shrug: Yes, I should have taken her back sooner, but they didn't alert me to any urgency, and I DID ask....


November 24th, 2009, 03:45 PM
OMG Kathryn,It sounds to me like that poor kitty went from the frying-pan in to the fire:sad:
Those ignorant people should have alerted you right away,chances are she had NO food,the dogs ate it all.
Poor little girl-kitty:cry:

November 25th, 2009, 10:25 AM
I sent a detailed email the PSPCA. I just can't believe this :yell: Everyone at my shelter is upset as well. The staff that did see her saw how bad off she was and everyone agrees that these people should have noticed how skinny the cat was wayyyy before she got to this point. UGHHHHH :frustrated:

Dog Dancer
November 25th, 2009, 10:34 AM
You did all that you could do to try to help Alex. It sounds to me like you are beating yourself up for this and it wasn't your fault. Alex is in a better place right now, and if her decline was that rapid she may well have had an underlying condition. Myself I would not pursue any police action or such, but I would make certain that the SPCA knows of the incident strictly in case they decide to go and adopt another animal. Beyond that I doubt you will get very far other than to upset yourself more. Know in your heart that you did what you could. They failed to tell you what was going on and you could never have known it - make sure the right people know their history and then let yourself be at peace with this sad event. :grouphug: If you let this one incident plague you, you run the risk of losing your desire to help at all for fear of getting knocked down again. Don't give these people that satisfaction.

November 25th, 2009, 09:13 PM
I am so sorry kathryn :sad: you did all you could do and more. But sometimes , there's too many bad people around :sad:

:rip: dear Alex :candle: