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PhotoShop Tennis

October 30th, 2009, 12:55 PM
Photoshop tennis is a game played through sequential alternating photoshopping of an image. The players pick a starting image, or one is "served" by a player, then another player makes some sort of alteration to the image in any chosen image editor (matches are not exclusive to Adobe Photoshop).

He or she then posts that altered image to this thread, who then edits that image and sends it back to the first player. This process goes back and forth until the players otherwise wish to end the game.

The only rules are that the image must not be larger than 600px x 600px (resize if needed), and must be stock images (google free stock images and you will find many sites, including Post the image you want edited, and be sure to post the image you have edited! Use any software you want, there is no restriction on this :) you can edit in any way, do not feel shy ;) We were all beginners once, so please do not worry about what your image looks like!

Alrighty, I will post an image that I would like to see altered, and show you how I altered it (this is just to show you, you use the same photo, edit it, then add a new image to be edited).

Any questions? Please ask!