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Adopted sick cat, now both sick

October 20th, 2009, 10:14 AM
Sandy, my good boy has a new friend. She was sick when we got her and now both are. I am new to list, but have been in human health care for years, now retired (retarded? hehehe). Anyway, been to a couple vets and none wanted to do anything except squirting amoxicillian? down their throats. That and the first one gave her covena. Oh, and guess what else? A SHOT of baytril, which all sites say shouldn't be done with cats! Luckily, from what others have said, she had no problem with it. But neither vet wanted to do a culture and sensitivity test!! I finally pushed that one by announcing either you do it or I walk w/o paying period end and I had both cats hanging in carriers right then from my arms!! Seems none of the meds so far killed the cultures in the lab!! Only baytril and another undisclosed that the vet frowned when he mentioned that there was another one. So we are trying baytril. '

Hope it works w/o eye problems which occurs sometimes in some cats. From what I have read at several sites, it is when over dosed and guess what? 10 lb and 12 lb cat and at 2.27mg/lb, MAX from the literature, half a 68 mg is ... drum roll... over dosing!

Then guess what? The 'idiot' that split the 68 pills apparently is blinder than I am! And I am legally blind! Geez people. One of the 1/2 'sized' is probably 3/4 of a whole pill! Either the hinge on the pill splitter is defective, or the idiot doing it is! I do better as one pill I have has to be split!

I know the reason for 'splitting' .... a 68 bottle probably only costs slightly more than a bottle of the 22.7mg size pills say for 100.


October 20th, 2009, 09:16 PM
What exactly is wrong with your cats? Did you introduce them without taking the new one to the vet first to find out why it was sick? I am finding the post slightly confusing.