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Phase two

August 21st, 2004, 11:19 AM
Okay, I need your wise words again.
Lindy and I have settled in very nicely. I am sooooo very happy that I kept her and I have all of you who encouraged me to thank!!!
For those of you who don't know Lindy was a reserve rescue who was not at all house trained. In fact she was terrified of the house. I had her for two weeks and we made great strides, then I went on vacation and she stayed at a great kennel and came home even more socialized. She is in the house now a great deal, calm and well behaved. The nipping is MUCH improved and the jumping up practically non existant. We have been going for two long walks a day. I have dropped about 7 pounds! At night I have been keeping her outside where she has free run of the back yard and a kids playhouse to sleep in. So the question is... I know most of you would say that she needs to be sleeping inside with me so how do I go about doing this. She was crate trained at the shelter and I have been crate training her with treats(throwing in a treat, saying "kennel" and closing the door, leaving her for a few minutes, treats and loves after letting her out). What is the best way to move her into the house at night? I have thought of moving the crate into the house and continuing the crate training in the house and then what?

Lucky Rescue
August 21st, 2004, 11:37 AM
Are you saying she is not housetrained? She needs to be inside to be housetrained, so she can learn that she may not pee in there. She should catch on quickly.

HERE ( is a good link on housetraining adult dogs.

You can continue crating or leashing her until she is reliable in the house. Start off leaving her confined in one small room, and you can gradually increase the area you can leave her in. If mistakes are made, go back a step.

Just want to say that you took on quite a challenge for having your first dog. Hats off to you! :D

August 21st, 2004, 11:37 AM
She is used to being free at night so just let her stay in the house at night and find her own comfy spot!

You'll be surprised she may just plop down somewhere and be very content.

I'd just see how she is by giving her the opportunity to decide on her own first.

I too am very very happy you kept her!

August 21st, 2004, 11:46 AM
Well, I thought she was doing well in the house, but I was just downstairs and found a warm wet spot!! She has only been in the house supervised but must have slipped downstairs when I wasn't looking!

August 21st, 2004, 06:23 PM
Could you please tell me what your dogs do in the house when you cannot pay attention to them 24/7!!?!?!? Lindy paws me, chews on me, bugs me for attention. She likes it outside, I want her to learn be inside too. I have a chew toy for her inside. How many chew toys does she really need? It is like she is bored inside. I cannot play with her 24/7!! Not like cats for sure!

Lucky Rescue
August 21st, 2004, 06:33 PM
For a dog who has never been in a house or socialized, Lindy sounds like she is doing very well!!

Lindy paws me, chews on me, bugs me for attention.

You cannot allow her to make demands. She needs to learn that YOU are the Big Boss. :D

If she has been sufficiently exercised, and all her needs taken care of she has to learn to rest quietly in the house. So - when she bugs you, you have to give her the exact opposite of what she wants. IF you ever give her attention or play with her when she paws you, you are teaching her to do just that, because she is being rewarded for doing it.

Even if you have to put a hook in a doorway and attach her leash to it to make her leave you alone, then do it. Give her something good to chew. Some dogs, like mine, have no interest in chewing anything not edible, so I give her bones.

When Lindy becomes better trained, you can tell her to Sit or Down when she makes demands. After she has done so and been quiet for a minute or two, you can then give her attention. This way she learns that only by NOT bugging you does she get what she wants.

My dog learned this very quickly. :p

August 21st, 2004, 09:46 PM
Yes all of what LR says.

Sometimes I just put Sadie's leash on her and make her lay down even if its for a few minutes. By the time she realizes play is over she's figured out that hey she is tired and wants to nap.

Get some toys for indoors and spend some quality time with her inside. BUT then also learn to ignore some of her demands. If she paws at you don't look at her or acknowledge she is doing it, ignore it is the best remedy.

All takes time :D I think this beautiful girl (waits for pics) is just overwhelmed with the amount of attention and love you are showing her.

I"m very happy and proud of you both :D

August 22nd, 2004, 04:50 PM
Yes, agreed!! We went through that whole crate thing with Brick, and well, we ended up taking the damn thing back. We ended up trusting him in the house and to be honest, it was the smartest move. It was almost like he knew it was his "job" to protect the house. We set him up with a GREAT bed right by the front window and another one outside our bedroom door, another one in the livingroom, and yet another one in our room on the floor. He had ample places to call his own!

Fortunately for us, Brick WAS house trained. Maybe Lindy will just take a bit more time getting used to the "inside" thing....she has been through A LOT and has come ALONG way in just the short time you've had her!! I can't wait to meet her!!!!

Brick also did the attention seeking thing, pawing, jumping up, etc. and still does to some extent. We are working on the ignoring thing and it is helping but it has taken a lot of time!! He just always wants to be in our faces (or our laps) - which warms my heart but is not always possible since he is such a big boy!! Keep at it girlie, Lindy will come around!!! You've done an awesome job so far!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all have faith in you now!! :D

heeler's rock!
August 22nd, 2004, 09:45 PM
Hey Freyja! Have you looked into a dog walker for her during the day when you're not home? I am working for a dog walker right now and it is awesome. As for crate training, I would suggest not doing it unless she is being destructive. Having accidents in the house is usual for dogs that aren't used to being indoors. Whenever you notice she has had an accident in the house, take her to the spot, even if you didn't see her do it, and say "NO! YOU DON'T PEE HERE!" In a very firm voice, but not yelling. Don't repeat yourself either. Then make sure you get her into a regular routine. With our dogs, we don't have a yard which was hard for them to get used to. They had accidents ALL THE TIME before we got them into a routine. Now, we wake up and take them out before breakfast. Then if you're home, take her out again after lunch, about 1:00ish, then before dinner. Make sure you always take her out before bed. That should get her pretty comfortable. It'll take a bit of patience, but stick with it. We only crate our youngest heeler as he gets destructive when left unsupervised. He has chewed numerous holes in my walls out of boredom. I'm home more now though so he's not really bored too often! I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, please e-mail me as I'm also in Calgary and I'm a trainer and would be more than willing to meet and give yu some pointers! :D

August 22nd, 2004, 09:55 PM
Thanks for all the help!
She is getting lots of exercise!! I have been able to take her on two long walks a day. She poops on the walks and has a couple of pees. She has been spending more time indoors but when she is being a pain and I cannot ignore the toe biting anymore I put her outside. She has not peed upstairs(hardwood) only downstairs on the carpet. This is where she peed when she first came in the house(not the same spot though). I had a geriatric cat before Lindy who was not always clean before he died, perhaps she can smell him? The carpet is old so I am not too worried about it, but it will start to smell. I have been using TKO Orange on the spots I find, and I have been keeping her from being downstairs. It is too bad cause the kids hang out down there watching TV and playing Gamecube and it would be nice for her to be with them.