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October 4th, 2009, 07:39 PM
So in situations of misery there is always something to brighten the day, I find anyways.

Its been raining since Friday, and our dog Pudgey has been missing since then, and its been really, really crappy. I have a post about Pudgers in the On topic, if you want to read it "Need Your Good Vibes" its titled.

But yesterday my sister came to give a hand, and we argued, due to the bad energy surrounding the situation, however we made up for the sake of mother, and headed off into the forest, a big ROCKY slope behind out place, to look for our missing pupper....We didnt find him (alive or otherwise, so its kind of a could I come home and tell my mother her dog had passed...) BUUUUUT We found a coule strange things....a Cairne, about the same length as I am high 5'5 (thats a big frickin cairne, at the top of a VERY steep and rocky climb, so Creeeepy) I had just finished pointing it out to my sister and saying "its ill luck to bring attention to the unknown, or unwanted dead, it brings their attention to YOU" when I nearly TRIPPED over a very, VERY different rock. All the rocks here are muskoka stone, you know the type, common, everyday rock, no sign of anything different or special anywhere but in peoples gardens, and yet THIS rock, 30 pounds at least I KNOW, which I will get to shortly, THIS rock however was PURE QHITE QUARTZE, and no notion of how the silly thing got up into the bushes, but it TRIPPED me, and then it....I dont know, wanted to come home with me? Odd to say of a rock but it REALLY did. And my mother would have loved the silly thing, as she has a strange affinity for rocks, we both do actually.

SO I gave the rock a nudge, and by this point I might mention that we, my sister, me and the rock, got pretty lost, but anyways I gave the rock a nudge and it went downhill, which was the way we were going anyways...but I couldnt carry the darn thing, and neither could my sister, so we had to roll and kick it a long out way. All the time, this rock is....talking? to me? not words, or anything, but just letting me know it was there, and that we were travelling. It kind of reminded me of a series of books I read, thinking back now....if you have ever read "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon, you will know what im thinking of, it was a constant humm, or presence, like the stone was content being on the move, if a little stubborn, what with being a rock and all..
I took this rock, all the time thinking and saying to my sister "it needs a name" and we travelled 1.5 km, with this rock, having to heft the silly thing at some points, and brought it home...I have been aware of "Scooter"s presence since i got it here.

I thought it was a funny story, and I remember it as funny, it just seems....odd?

October 4th, 2009, 07:42 PM
I cant think really, how the silly rock got there up in the bush, only a few meters from a large cairne. Now mother and I call it Scooter. Any input is welcome...I sound like a dweeb talking about this rock lol.