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What can we do about people who violate Kijiji's rules regarding posting of pets?

October 4th, 2009, 12:28 PM
I came across the following rules for posting pets on Kijiji:

What rules apply when posting a pet on Kijiji?


Please respect the following rules when posting a pet on Kijiji:
•The Animal Pedigree Act makes it a federal offense to sell an animal of a recognized breed as, purebred, registered, or eligible to be registered if it is not.

•The term "purebred" is a confirmation of genetic background and adherence to breed characteristics, in accordance with the requirements of the Act and the by-laws of the authorized breed association.

•The term "registered" is confirmation that all the rules of eligibility of the authorized breed association in Canada have been met.

•If an animal of a recognized breed is sold as purebred, registered or eligible to be registered, the seller is obligated to provide a duly transferred certificate of registration to the buyer not later than six months after the sale.
Kijiji does not condone the unethical treatment of animals. We will listen very closely to our community for any reports of unhealthy animals that were offered for sale or purchased. Accounts may be suspended if the complaint is deemed legitimate. Thereafter, if appropriate documentation (e.g., health inspection) is not provided within 3 weeks, Kijiji reserves the right to ban the account.
Kijiji prohibits the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old. Date of birth for these animals must be clearly stated in the ad.
Please do not post for sale any animals that are on the endangered species list, Environment Canada CITES website, are wild animals, or animals that are not permitted to be owned or sold in any city in which the ad is being posted or could be considered dangerous to others.

I don't know if any of these rules are new to Kijiji but it is the first time I have seen this policy (I do not look on Kijiji often so just might not have been aware of it).

As most of you already know, people violate many of these rules continually.:mad::mad::mad: For example, just starting to look at the kitten ads I quickly came across an ad for free 4 week old kittens which also said "Please come asap.":wall::wall::wall:

I clicked on the ad with the intention of reporting it. For reporting ads, it gives you the following categories:

No Longer Available/Outdated
Wrong Category
Copyright or Trademark Violation

No category is listed for violating Kijiji rules. What category would you suggest I report it under?

Today, I intend to go through all the listings for Kijiji Winnipeg and report any that violate the above rules. If others think this is a good idea, I will continue to do this once a week. I'm sure Kijiji doesn't check all individual ads themselves. Otherwise their service likely wouldn't be free, but they must at least follow up on any ads that are reported to them.

October 4th, 2009, 12:43 PM
I just reported this ad under Copyright or Trademark Violation and stated in my complaint that I didn"t know what category to report it under.

October 4th, 2009, 12:49 PM
No category is listed for violating Kijiji rules. What category would you suggest I report it under?

I would choose : Fraud/Scam/Offensive

October 4th, 2009, 01:08 PM
I would choose : Fraud/Scam/Offensive

Thanks, Frenchy. That category does make the most sense. As well as breaking Kijiji rules, it is "offensive" to say the very least.

October 4th, 2009, 04:00 PM
Kijiji is more popular in my area then Craigslist so I am on it quite often.
It seems like people can get away with posting just about anything on there. I guess they just don't care to hold any sort of standard for the site? Or perhaps there is little support by way of moderators?

October 4th, 2009, 10:15 PM
that's not so much a kijiji rule, as it is canadian law. That same warning is stated in the local papers, and it is continually ignored.
Keep reporting them, hope it helps.

October 5th, 2009, 07:05 AM
I know. . . I hate hate hate the sale of animals this way! I hate everyone uses the word purebred. . .i have been trying to get another manitoba online classified listing service to even HAVE rules regarding the sale of animals because fedral laws and ethics are broken daily. . .makes me sick these sites encourage the sale and breeding of animals and it disgusts me!

October 11th, 2009, 07:43 AM
Well, I decided to only report the one ad where the person was advertising free 4 week old kittens and requesting that people "come asap" to see what they would do about it before reporting others. I clicked on the report button for this one ad several times over the past week and Kijiji has done nothing. I have now sent a strongly but nicely worded email to Kijiji asking for an explanation of why they post rules and policies and then ignore people who violate them even after ads are reported to them. We'll see what they have to say.

I will let you know what they have to say after I have received a response from them.

I, like many others, would like to see them ban free kitten ads altogether. The rules that they have posted are a very tiny step in the right direction but are completely useless if they continue to allow people to break these few simple rules.

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October 11th, 2009, 06:36 PM
When posting ads for puppies, you must state the date of birth and they may not be sold before they are eight weeks old. I think it also applies to kittens. You can advertise them at any age. I don't know how they are going to inforce this even though it is a good idea.