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Poor Dog.. What can I do?

September 10th, 2009, 12:38 PM
I got off the bus today, And at the edge of my driveway, Sitting up pretty with a big smile on his face was a Big black dog. He greeted me nicely and let me pet him but when he got up to walk, I noticed something wrong. His front leg was just dead weight. Just hung there, broken. He cant use it at all. So i hooked him up and brought him to his owners, I figured that since we are on the highway, he just got hit by a car. So I ytalk to the man (His wife, who LOVES her dogs and takes GREAT care of them, is in Jail till later this month.) And he said That he was hit a Long time ago (how long I dont know). And that it cost 1400 dollars to fix his leg, or amputate. And I know them, and they cannot afford it. They cant even afford the 250 dollar X-ray.. That dog doesnt appear to be in pain at all. Hes a happy go lucky Dude and runs around and plays like normal.

So my question. What Can I do? Should I call the spca. They would know its me and his wife would be devistated. Will he be okay with his front limb like that? Will it killl him? Im sooo confused. There are no organizations around to cover the cost of vet bills for people in that situation. The SPCA is the ones that told him it would be 1400 Dollars to help him thru them. More with a normal vet.

Im so confused, and upset. They have teo other dogs in good condition. Except the female has pups once a year.

September 10th, 2009, 12:51 PM
So nice people that let a dog truck around a bump leg and let their other dog have pups?? These are not nice people. They are irresponsible and should give their dogs up. How do they afford vetting pups once a year? They are neglecting this dog and the dog should be removed period.

Sorry - personally, I would be on the phone.

September 10th, 2009, 01:08 PM
I dont think that Ignorance Makes you irresponsible If you dont know the differance, yes, the Ideal situation would be to have the dog get mediccal treatment (which he tried) and stop the female from having pups.

They ARE nice people, they care deeply about their animals, I wouldnt say if either of them had a broken leg and had to pay for it they would be able to afford it.

Chances of the spca Doing ANYTHING is a one in a million chance, but i'll try.. If they were going to take the dog, they would have when this man told them they couldnt afford to get it fixed.

September 10th, 2009, 01:29 PM
I know it's difficult in these sorts of situations, especially when we *know* the people and realize they have good intentions.

But BM's right. IMO, ignorance is worse than irresponsiblity. Whether or not they love their animal, is besides the point.

There is no reason for a dog to be suffering with a damaged limb, just because the owners cannot pay for it. When I was first starting out on my own, I found ways to make health care happen for my pets - regardless of what it meant that I would have to go without.

Can you find a vet that accepts payments for them? Can they get a loan from their bank for a few thousand dollars?

Don't forget, that if this dog really is not in any pain, he'll most likely be scraping the paw/leg on many things, and runs the risk of infection or maggots. He needs to have this limb amputated if it is dead to avoid that. Regardless, IMO a vet is needed.

September 10th, 2009, 02:03 PM
maybe you could call around to different agencies babymomma to see if any help can be found, call the spca and ask them if they know of anything, offer to help them raise money for the bill?

September 10th, 2009, 02:20 PM
maybe you could call around to different agencies babymomma to see if any help can be found, call the spca and ask them if they know of anything, offer to help them raise money for the bill?

Great suggestion Melinda. Far better than mine as to jumping the gun so quickly.

However if all else fails, then the dog should not suffer with this. Also, ask the SPCA if they do low cost neuter and spay....for the other dog of course. Is this dog with the bad leg sterilized?

September 10th, 2009, 04:34 PM
Im pretty sure both males Are done BM.. They both came from other homes and Im pretty sure werer already fixed.

Thanks for the suggestions... Im going to cantact ruffspots. They are the organization that gives rescues the money to Fix the animals, they do other things too..