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Scam Alert - TVS

September 8th, 2009, 01:32 PM
Below is an excerpt of a scam for TVS that I just got a call about claiming I had just won a fabulous prize. Needless to say I will not be going of answering any more of their calls.

Scam Alert 216 Chrislea road
Had a Guy/Girl (Not too sure what it was) call me tonight at 9:30pm and claim I won a prize. The phone number was 1-248-434-4666, address

He said I won 1 out of 5 prizes, The accent sounded Nigerian or Guyanese.

He told me I had to goto
TVS the vacation store company
2nd floor
216 Chrislea road in woodbridge ontario
Postal Code is

He said I had to go tomorrow (wed) @ 6:45pm

I told him I was busy and I couldn’t go… he said fine then come thursday @ 6:45pm

This is a big Scam, I know because at the end of the conversation he said that he wanted me to confirm my address…..
Told him that I wasn’t interested, he got upset and hung up.

Here is some more info from others I have found.—————————Guest

Hello there,

To any one who would like to know about “The Vacation Store Company”

I think this is a scam, using pressure tactics to scare you and your
wife, and take the money from you, but read below for the

I just got invited, to attend a presentation by The Vacation Store
Company TVS,

Basically, if you attend a 90 minute meeting your are guaranteed one of
five prizes:

– A $2,500 CND – 8 Sun filled Florida days and 7 Magical nights for 2 Adults & 3 kids
in Orlando (Hotel only) – A 5 Stars Hotel in South Carolina for 7 days (Hotel only) – An Aruba trip 7 days – A Royal Caribbean Cruise

I went there with my wife, it was an eye opener for me, these guys have
no business cards, no documentation to show, no Hotel catalogues, no
letterheads with their logo, no web site, and it will be very difficult
to find anything in the web related to them or anyone they represent,
they did not give us any binder with information about themselves.

All they have is, at 216 Chrislea Rd, 2nd Floor, Woodbridge, Ontario. A
room with several tables, every couple will sit down in their own table
with one representative of the company at the same time for 1h 30 min.
They will offer a very simplistic buffet, although they make it sound
as something extraordinary, the Rep will be eating as well with you at
the same table, but because time is money, he will talk over your lunch
plate while the saliva is coming out of his mouth and inevitably
spreading some of his food from his mouth to all over the table, that
was enough for my wife and me to stop eating. After that they have a
small presentation in a white board of a series of non-sense
explanation by a their top-notch sales guy, which was rude and arrogant
to most of the guests, a very low tech presentation as he will just
show some brochures in a plastic cover from any where from 4’ to 30’ of
distance. The guy lost his patient when he asked if any one golfed, and
no one lifted the hand and then decided not to continue with the

After this fiasco, every couple move to an office with their rep. for a
more business meeting, at this point they will start explaining the
scheme, which it is not a timeshare company, but a bit different, you
buy points:

An annual fee of $98.00

98,000 points for $30,000
75,000 points for $24,000
49,000 points for $17,800
25,000 points for $13,000

You use the points like this:

1 week in a 1 bedroom hotel, you need 500 points and $500.00
1 week in a 2 bedrooms hotel, you need 1000 points and $600.00
1 week in a 3 bedrooms hotel, you need 1500 points and $700.00


2 week in a 1 bedroom hotel, you need 1000 points plus $1,000.00
2 week in a 2 bedrooms hotel, you need 2000 points and $1,200.00
2 week in a 3 bedrooms hotel, you need 3000 points and $1,400.00

And so on….!

You can use this configuration for as long as you would like until you
run out of points.
Air fare, Food, Taxes, etc. are not included and you will have to
provide that by yourself.

In our case, I knew from the start that I didn’t want to buy
anything, so after a 20 minutes meeting with the Rep in the office I
clearly made him know that we weren’t interested, but he continue to
offer us the 49,000 points for $17,800 at a discount, this time for
only $13,000. I insisted that we weren’t interested, he left and
another Rep came to the office, after a whole discussion about the same
topic, he made us another offer, this time the 49,000 points for
$11,000 I thank him for the valiant discount but decline the offer
again so he left and the third guy came, this time a more serious guy,
with a rude demeanour, and rude comments, he mention to us that here
was a better offer, this time the 49,000 points for only $9,000, I said
to him, that I declined and that a this point I wanted to leave, he
then started to basically insult me asking why I didn’t take the
offer and why was I there for then. He left and a 4th guy came, this
time he was the General Manager, he said to us that he will improve the
last offer as if I was trying to bargain with him, but I told him that
a this point I wasn’t interested in buying anything at all regardless
of the price, nevertheless he made us a better offer, the 49,000 points
but this time for only $4,900 which make me think, good thing I
didn’t buy the 49,000 points at the regular price of $17,800 when you
can get it at $4,900. Again I decline and a 5th guy came, this one was
really rude and aggressive, he was asking me why wasn’t I accepting
these great deals?? I refuse to give him a excuse, so I just said I am
not interested, he get a piece of paper and made me a even better
offer, this time for $2,900 and then I said, One more time I am not
interested at all, to what he responded to me, “Well, them I am not
interested in selling it to you”.

Finally, 3hours and 30 minutes later, they let us leave the office. A
lady took us to the exit and said that we were getting our price, right
at the door there was a drum full of tickets, my wife picked one and
gave to the lady, see looked at the ticket and it was the price for:

– 8 Sun filled Florida days and 7 Magical nights for 2 Adults & 3 kids
in Orlando (Hotel/Motel only)

They gave us a photocopy of a paper, which we read later on in the
car, and it says almost to the letter the same as in this website:

The main portion of the photocopy was the rules:

– The hotel could be a Motel – You need to pay $10 per night surcharge – You need to pay the Hotel/Motel taxes – You need to pay the Administration fees – You need to pay the service charges – You need to pay for Roll away beds – You need to pay for the Items of personal use (Toilet paper, soap,
etc..) – You need to pay for the meals – You need to pay Florida Room/Country taxes

The regular price of this package is estimated as $315 to $500 per
week, which if you add your fees, taxes, surcharges per night, etc..
You will be paying about the same or more than the actual cost and you
do not have a choice of room or quality of the accommodation.

In addition you need to get there, so add to that the flight, taxis and
rent a car, to me sounds like a SCAM.

Stay away; it is a waste of time. That is my advice. I went because I
didn’t really know about what was involved, I could not find anything
in the web about them. Now you know…!
And knowing is half the battle – GiJoe!

Knowledge is power.

September 8th, 2009, 03:22 PM
Knowledge is power for sure.

Cliches are also good. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"

Just like most of us will never get struck by lightening, most of us won't win the lottery... This is especially true when the 'win' comes unsolicited. These days I immediately reject all such nonsense. :2cents:

September 8th, 2009, 09:36 PM
The RCMP has fraud units for just these sorts of scams...have you reported it?

September 9th, 2009, 07:30 AM
I have called the RCMP. They are aware of them, but they are technically not doing anything illegal. It's just unfortunate that some people get taken in by these people. It's buyer beware but some people just never see that they are being taken advantage of.

I'm perfectly happy stringing them along for a while to waste their time like they've wasted so many others. I look forward to their reaction when I don't show up for an appointment.