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War between my dog and the two baby cats

September 6th, 2009, 03:42 PM
hello everybody.
We're Paul and Anne from France.

We're sure that can help us.

We're very worried about this situation :

Isis and Ferus are two cats (1 month only) and we've a dog whose name is cacahuette (3 years).

Our problem is that the dog (a female cocker crossed with a spaniel) is very aggresive with the two baby cats actually in our bedroom.
We try to put them together every day without success.
Dog already pinch cats a lot of time and it's worse and worse everyday.

We think that dog is very very jealous !

Every time, dog is crying, sniffing at the door of the bedroom. And she looks like very sad and refuse to eat correctly.

Maybe anyone knows this situation and can give us some advices. :shrug:

Thanks a lot !!!