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The joy of having a pet

September 3rd, 2009, 11:07 PM
Every day I get so excited when I look at Jack. He's my little boy, and I can't imagine life without him. When I'm at work or in class, I get a huge smile across my face when I remember who I get to go home to. He's so much fun. Walking with him, running with him, playing, and training. I love the little pup.

I brought him home two months ago. A few days after, I regretted it. He came from the pet store (not a puppy mill, mind you) so he cost quite a bit of money. Also, I had never had a dog on my own before. I had five with my parents (not all at the same time!) but never had a dog all to myself. I was scared, and thought I was in over my head in the beginning. Sometimes I feel stressed between work, school, and raising a pup, but I wouldn't have it any other way. He makes me so happy. He's so happy, too. He has a good home for the rest of his life.

I <3my dog.

Well, this is just a post to rave about how much you love your animals.

September 4th, 2009, 08:27 AM
HI Jazzy. This will be a fun thread.

I got my boy from a pet store too. I've shared the story here before. It was just after Joey died and we were in the mall and I was looking tearily through the window at this sweet little puppy. My husband and I strongly believe in rescue. Joey was a rescue. Our cat had been a rescue and every dog my husband had owned previously had been an adopted stray or a rescue.

But in a burst of manly "I have to fix this" mentality my husband went back two days later and bought Cooper. He wanted to fix my broken heart.

Here's the thing stores buy from puppy mills, then charge you a bazillion dollars. They make a LOT of money off the suffering the poor animals they chain up for breeding. For people like us it means that we have to love our little guys a little more because they had a rough start. But I'll stay away from pet stores and hope they all go our of business. Know what I mean? :)

Anyway...didn't mean to hi jack the thread. I just thought that since this was something I didn't know before it might be worth sharing here in case someone else didn't know it either.

What breed is Jack? Do you spoil him? Our Cooper is sooo spoiled. My husband got up to go to the bathroom in the night and when he came back Cooper was on his pillow so my husband slept on the edge of the bed using just a teensy corner of his own pillow.

We're crazy about this dog !!! :crazy: