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September 2009 Photo Challenge - Parts of pets

September 1st, 2009, 09:37 AM
Cannot believe it's friggin' September...but it is.

Anyone got ideas for this month's challenge?
thx - Marko

My first thought was gaining new knowledge/learning things......but that seems awfully familiar. Did we do that last September???? :confused:

what about scarfs/bandannas

since we all had a not so nice summer and it is getting cooler out.:shrug: and kitty cats can get into it also.

fall or anything about back to school?


more ideas needed

I second scarves and bandannas!

Well, since Labor Day is in September here in the U.S. and we take that day to rest and relax. Maybe some shots of our pets at chillin'. :shrug:

Seeing how the Dawg Days of summer are over and both Canada & the U.S. celebrate Labor day at the same time, I'm in for pets just chillin'.

Here's one that's "laid" back and chillin'


:laughing: Yep....that's pretty chillin'!

I'm not going to venture an opinion on topic, though, cuz there's always so many pics it freezes me out of the thread eventually :rolleyes: Probably won't be able to post anyway.

Well, we could make it a real challenge and post pet parts from someone else's pet and see who gets the pet right. Example - Frenchy could post a pic of one of Chase_Mom's pups ears/nose/eye/paw/whatever. It's pretty easy to copy a pic and then cut and paste. Then we get a chance to guess. See how well we really do know each other's pets. :shrug:

Now that sounds like fun!

Whoops...I wasn't gonna opine, was I?

Now that sounds like fun!

Whoops...I wasn't gonna opine, was I?

:laugh::laugh::laugh: Quite alright hazel!!
We could shrink and email the pics to you. All you have to do is let us know. :thumbs up That way you could play too.

growler usually sends me links to the individual posts--which works pretty well unless it's a photobucket pic for some reason :shrug:--and shrinks and emails the ones I have trouble with

So I usually get to see most of the pics...just can't post in the thread.

growler is an :angel: It's gotta be a lot of work!
Yep, growler is an :angel:
So email her back with your guesses and she can post. :shrug: First we have to see if anyone else is interested in this or not.
I have work tomorrow. :sleepy:time.

14+, I like the pet parts idea. Sounds cute.

I'm into the pet parts idea but I think it should be our own pets or other people's pets.

The posting and guessing parts of other people's pets is a great idea for its own thread (it's a different type of challenge) as it will be difficult for many people to participate.

I'm definitely into the general idea of just 'pet parts'
any other suggestions? Is pet parts a good theme?


So just show the pet parts, not make a guessing game out of it? That would work for me, if I were to venture an opinion, which I won't :o :laughing:

Though come to think of it, with as many parts as hazel has access to, the Pack could host a "whose part is this?" guessing game all on its own. Hmmmmm :p

Humph--pet parts? I'm liking that idea!

I really like the idea of guessing for another thread - that would be fun! Who's gonna start it????

As for the challenge...."pet parts" seems a little macabre to me, but I'm sure I can work with it! LOL It just needs a different name. I also liked the scarves idea too though.

September 3rd, 2009, 12:07 PM
Ok then - Pet parts it is. Feel free to take loads of liberties on this one.
The idea for guessing the parts of other member's pets is a great one and 14+ started it here (

But for THIS month's challenge - Let's see some of your pet's parts! :crazy:

September 3rd, 2009, 12:30 PM
So is this what you mean?

September 3rd, 2009, 12:56 PM
In no particular order...

The Sheriff's hard-working and capable paws:

Princess Lil Belle's scrumptious throat curls:

Grace's amazing tail (she's really getting a lovely adult coat!):

September 3rd, 2009, 01:00 PM
Okay...three is too many for hazel's connection today :o I can't see that last picture! :laughing: I'll hope it's the right one. :fingerscr

So we'll cut back by one for the next couple :D

Brier's oh-so-kissable snout:

Cass's eye (looking sooooo much better! :thumbs up)

September 3rd, 2009, 01:05 PM
Lady (in Waiting) Ridge's hindquarters comfy on the Orvis nest:

Ms Muddy Mossy Messy Macie's hat (which doubles as Ember's part, since it's his tail :laughing:)

And finally, if I can squeeze it past my modem, a joint part, lovingly worked on by the entire Pack. :D


September 3rd, 2009, 01:08 PM

Got 'em all in! :highfive: Timing is everything for hazel when it comes to challenge threads. :laughing:

September 3rd, 2009, 03:50 PM
here's looking at you... even though it is only one eye each :laughing::laughing:





September 3rd, 2009, 03:52 PM
Eye see! :laughing: Eye see beautiful eyes! :cloud9:

September 3rd, 2009, 03:54 PM
Lil Belle's curls is to die for... *sigh* if we could all be so lucky to have them..

September 3rd, 2009, 03:55 PM
if I knew we could post fluff balls I wouldn't have vac this morning..:laughing::laughing:

September 3rd, 2009, 04:13 PM
molly's most "outstanding" parts....
her ears!! :crazy:

September 3rd, 2009, 04:13 PM
yikes, sorry, that's bigger than life-sized! :eek:

September 3rd, 2009, 04:14 PM
I love molly's ears :lovestruck::lovestruck:

September 3rd, 2009, 09:03 PM
:lovestruck: Molly's ears...

September 3rd, 2009, 09:15 PM
AG - I recognize that ear!!! :lovestruck:

Hazel - I just love all your different parts!!! Even the co operative part(s) is a good one. :thumbs up:cloud9:
Breeze - Beautiful eyes...... :lovestruck:
And Mollywog - Love the ear!! It's Molly's outstanding feature. :cloud9:

September 3rd, 2009, 09:34 PM
14+, we now need assorted parts from your crew! :thumbs up Best to get an early start...I think you're gonna be busy for a while! :laughing:

September 3rd, 2009, 09:41 PM
14+, we now need assorted parts from your crew! :thumbs up Best to get an early start...I think you're gonna be busy for a while! :laughing:

:laughing: Oh yeah!! A day at least!!! I'd freeze up the site. Not fair to everyone else.

September 5th, 2009, 10:41 AM
Great parts everyone!! so cute:thumbs up
Love the furball shot - hey still a part right?

September 5th, 2009, 11:00 AM
LOL, these are all great! Here's a few more of mine.

September 5th, 2009, 11:01 AM
Last one.

Rick C
September 5th, 2009, 08:00 PM
Keeper, treading in the frozen footsteps of the beasts who came before her . . . . .

Rick C

September 5th, 2009, 08:36 PM are some parts :thumbs up

September 5th, 2009, 08:53 PM
Ohhhh, I love all those parts!!! :cloud9: They all look pretty smooshable to me. :thumbs up
And yes hazel, I'm working on my parts. I have all month, right? :rolleyes:

September 5th, 2009, 10:16 PM
Cool parts!! :thumbs up Some of the kitty claws, though...not sure I'd wanna smoosh them, 14+ :eek: :laughing:

Yep, all month...and you'll probably need to take advantage of every day of it! :D What, one or two kitties a day? And remember, parts is parts and pieces is pieces, but we for sure need some of TT and Dayle cuz their parts and pieces is madame hazel's favorites :flirt:


September 5th, 2009, 10:17 PM
AG, is that Vlad or Oksana's little fang peeking out there? So cute!!!

September 6th, 2009, 09:47 AM
I love all of Stella's parts.....her tummeh, toes....tail....but my favoritest has to be her cute little face.....

I melt every time I look at her!

September 6th, 2009, 11:15 AM
AG, is that Vlad or Oksana's little fang peeking out there? So cute!!!

That's Vlad. His fangs peek out like that often. I have a couple other photos of him sleeping all fangy.

September 6th, 2009, 06:12 PM
Here's Duffys upsidedown cheek & long white whiskers :cloud9:


September 6th, 2009, 08:38 PM
Dr. Seuss's lovely tail.

September 6th, 2009, 08:46 PM
Some more parts! :thumbs up






Tehhheeeee...I mixed them up! :D

September 8th, 2009, 08:19 PM
So how do I get a pic of my critter on here from my documents?

September 10th, 2009, 02:07 PM
I love that close up of Gryphon!:lovestruck:

Here's a close up of Oksana's feetsies as they stick out from on top of the cabinets.

September 10th, 2009, 02:36 PM
Buckboard, the gentleman. :)

September 12th, 2009, 12:58 PM
Love the parts so far. :cloud9:
I have a few parts too!!

September 12th, 2009, 01:19 PM
I love the collage 14+!

September 12th, 2009, 01:21 PM
I love the collage 14+!

Thanks! It took a while to do but it's the only way I could be fair to all my little ones. Now I wonder if hazel can get in to see it.

September 12th, 2009, 01:38 PM
Yes I can! Yes I can! :highfive: :goodvibes: <---sheer excitement :D

That's really cool! Did you put it together physically, then photograph it, or did you do that on the computer? Either way, it's wonderful!! :thumbs up

Love Oksana's feeties, too, AG. And your crew, as always, klm. Buckboard is quite the handsome dude, Bailey! :cloud9: I gotta stop in at this thread more often. :D

lunasong--if you have pics on your computer and can reduce them to 100 KB or smaller in file size, you can upload them by clicking on 'reply', then clicking on the paperclip icon in the menu of the reply window. It'll open a dialogue window that allows you to browse to the pics on your machine and then upload them to the site and insert them in your post. :thumbs up

September 12th, 2009, 02:14 PM
:laughing::laughing: Glad you like it hazel! :thumbs up I used paint and manipulated the pics around till I got something that looked kind of neat. But I was bad and missed a few. :sad:
Sooooo, here they are!!! The new babies, Mew, Mittens, and Mylee. I think I have them all now. ;)

September 12th, 2009, 08:32 PM
LOL It wasn't that you forgot them--it's just that if you want the collage to be of a reasonable posting size, you have to keep it small :D With your crew, that can be difficult unless you leave a few for posting later :laughing:

Regardless, I'd love to bury my fingers in all that kitty fur :cloud9:

September 12th, 2009, 08:39 PM
14+ i love the collage especially when you added Mylee:lovestruck:. but ummmmm there are two little 4 footed critters you've forgotten.

September 12th, 2009, 09:08 PM
14+ i love the collage especially when you added Mylee:lovestruck:. but ummmmm there are two little 4 footed critters you've forgotten.

Who did I forget aslan? :rolleyes:

September 12th, 2009, 09:10 PM
aaaaaaw poor 14+ puppers....Sammy tell your sister to pack her bones and stuff we're coming to get you.

September 12th, 2009, 09:16 PM
aaaaaaw poor 14+ puppers....Sammy tell your sister to pack her bones and stuff we're coming to get you.

Keesha is the very first pic on the top left. Sammy's nose is the third pic on the top. Only ones I didn't add were the bird and the fish.

September 12th, 2009, 09:20 PM
:loser: i soooo didn't see them, i guess i can tell grace to get back in her jammies then no road trip. i love your puppers.:cloud9:

September 12th, 2009, 09:24 PM
No road trip needed. :D Sammy is curled up in front of me and Keesha is beside me sound asleep. They are safe. :thumbs up

September 12th, 2009, 09:26 PM
ok then, but be warned next excuse, ummm i mean reason i have to kidnap errrr rescue the puppers i'm on my way.:evil:

September 12th, 2009, 09:30 PM
I will consider myself warned. Although Sammy has a very ummm flatulent personality and Keesha is getting to be very incontinent they are still my babies. I will put up a good fight.

September 12th, 2009, 09:32 PM
pffft between Qman and Grace a little more flatulence wont phase me, and what's a little poop between friends.:D

September 12th, 2009, 09:37 PM
Noo, it's pee. She is not able to hold anything any more. If we move just a little bit too slow she is squatting. If we leave her alone too long I have puddles to clean. I usually find them when I step in them. :yuck: I am spending so much time cleaning my rugs lately. Good thing LP gave us that recipe. :thumbs up
Gotta go watch the rest of the race so I can tell hubby who won.

September 13th, 2009, 10:25 AM
her little or not so little face!!! (

September 13th, 2009, 10:29 AM
His nails...He flutter them over her during mating... ( (

September 21st, 2009, 01:36 PM
first time in the chalenge, also, I have a new and crappy camera, don't be too harsh! ;)

September 21st, 2009, 10:20 PM
Awww Titus :lovestruck: Since you've now got a new camera.....we need more pics :D :dog: :cloud9: :D

Wonderful pics everyone :thumbs up

September 21st, 2009, 11:18 PM
14+ - Google "Picasa 3" and dowload it. You put all the pictures you want to use in one folder, and the program automatically creates a collage of them! :thumbs up

September 26th, 2009, 11:14 AM
Wow these are such nice shots everyone!!

Here's 2 shots of Rufus taken with my cameraphone. He's an SPCA dog lookin' for a home and is easily one of the largest dogs I've seen in the 3 years I've been at the SPCA. Certainly his HEAD is the biggest head I have ever seen at the SPCA. Oh his poor mother when she delivered him.

September 26th, 2009, 11:13 PM
You took that w/your cameraphone? :eek: wow it takes great shots :cool:

Rufus sure is a big boy :laughing: :goodvibes: for him finding a furever home soon

September 26th, 2009, 11:40 PM
Oh Rufus is so cute!!!! :cloud9:

September 26th, 2009, 11:42 PM
Only ones I didn't add were the bird and the fish.

You have a bird and a fish too??????? :eek:

September 26th, 2009, 11:49 PM
I knew she had a bird cuz Mylee keeps leaping ontop of the cage :evil: :cat: :laughing: but can't remember if I knew there was a fish too :confused:

September 30th, 2009, 10:05 PM
You have a bird and a fish too??????? :eek:

I have a love bird. I had his mate also but she died a few months back. :sad: I also have a fishtank with a few fishies in. Once they are gone I will probably pack up the tank.

I knew she had a bird cuz Mylee keeps leaping ontop of the cage :evil: :cat: :laughing: but can't remember if I knew there was a fish too :confused:

:laughing: Mylee hasn't done that for a while. Now she just goes over to the cage and tries to push it off the stand. I think she wants to "play" with the birdie. :rolleyes:

September 30th, 2009, 10:12 PM
And speaking of Mylee, she wanted to show some of her best parts.
Her side view showing off her wonderful tabby tail.
She has such a white belly. She likes to show that off too.
I love you thiiiissss much!! :cloud9:

October 1st, 2009, 01:34 AM
Cute Mylee :lovestruck: Love the black pads on the super white foot :cloud9: