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Unruly Patients- please help!

August 30th, 2009, 09:29 AM
Hello Readers,

I am fostering a bulldog who has some medical issues which we are addressing. Among those are chronic ear infections which have scarred his ears quite badly. Our first step, before long term medication, is to time a regiment of cleaning and topical meds. I am not sure how much was done in his previous home so I am trying to take start with the short term solutions.

This bulldog loathes having his ears cleaned or medicated. It takes my husband and I in tag team to get this completed, and it is a big production. We have tried calm massage techniques, voice techniques, relaxation periods, desensitization (small exposures to the bottle or ear touching combined with postive praise and treats), covering his eyes, treats and more positive praise..NO WAY!
Any suggestions, we have to keep this up for 2 weeks and this dog is not haivng a good time at all. I am sure his ears are sensitive and hurt him, but my rationing with him hasn't worked to well :) He needs to get these treatments completed.
Additionally, he is NOT okay with having his nails trimmed. Tried clippers, professionals, bribery, Pedi-paw--- how can we work on a dog who has been traumatized or simply does not want to be treated?
We can pet him, hold him and play with him, but he does not want a bottle, or the smell of medication anywhere near him.
Just to give you some history, this guy is incredibly dominant and we are working on structure and rules to rehabilitate this little man.