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Dog not eating

shihtzu mom
August 23rd, 2009, 01:48 PM
My 9 year old Shihtzu, Frasier, had anal gland surgery last week and is on Baytril which I hear can affect appetite. He is 21 lbs so he has never missed a meal until after his surgery. Now he has only eaten 1/2 piece of liver and a bite of chicken in two days. I have tried to get him to eat different times during the day. He has 4 more days on the Baytril. He has been pooping (except for today) and peeing and drinking water okay. He refuses regular dog food. He also refuses to cooperate with taking his pills. I have tried everything (using correct procedures to open mouth and used every food known to man to hide pills) and end up having to practically shove them down his throat which has caused both him and me emotional trauma. He has always been a difficult dog when it comes to health issues (vet even has to put him under for routine exams because he is so uncooperative) I am calling his vet tomorrow, but, anybody out there who has a dog like this who had dealt with such things...advice welcome.