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Advice from Bully lovers?

August 19th, 2009, 10:59 AM
I am fostering a 3 year old Bulldog named Harvey. I have been researching his care and maintenance, but would like any help or advice you can offer.

Harvey is UTD on shots, and in good health.
I just gave him a bath, was diligent to gently clean the folds of skin around his face, which were quite gooey and dirty. Since we have bathed him, I will maintain his face with a damp cloth.
His nails and ears are being taken care of at the vet today. His tail is quite snug to his body, and I was instructed to be diligent with cleaning there as well. I am supplementing his diet with vitamins, Omegas, brewers yeast and an acidopholus. I am being attentive to his temperature and comfort in the house and outside.
And of course- I am giving him lots of love and guidance. He is a very dominant little man, but has improved so much over the last couple of days. His behaviour changes really prove to me that dogs don't want to be in charge. Trying to lead a house is stressful for them, and giving them structure helps them relax and play :)

Are there any bully specific needs I may be overlooking? Bullies have so many nuances and things to pay attention to- I am scared that I am missing something.

Thank you.