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Letting him go

August 18th, 2009, 09:43 PM
Hey i am new here I dont think many people saw the other thread I posted. My 13 year old dog though is very sick and even though we havent gotten the blood work back, it is all just looking like lymphoma.

I know I shouldnt do this because I dont know yet but I just want to be ready...if anyone could possibly help me out and give me some advice to take it easier. My dog really is my best friend I love him so much I cry just seeing him like he is now and I know it isnt really the "manly" thing to do but I guess im more sensitive. If it does turn out to be cancer though how bad is it to put your dog to "sleep"? This is all I have thought about the past few days, chemo is out of the question he is 13 but I dont want to find him lying dead one day. I also dont know if I can handle watching them put a needle in him and killing him but if I dont go I will feel guilty that he was alone and didnt see me his last time here. Anyone please that could maybe tell me some things to make it easier I would appreciate so much, thank you.

August 18th, 2009, 10:00 PM
Yes you can handle it! :grouphug: You've been there for him for his whole life--he depends on you! Your being there to ease his passing with your love will be such a comfort to him. Hard as it is, it's the best gift you can give a dog at the end, astar :grouphug:

Even if this turns out to be cancer, focus on his needs. Remember that he won't know what he has--dogs have such a deep patience...they take each day at a time and wait to get better. He will be busy living and that's what your focus will be--making his last days happy and full of love. Stick to your routines together. Routine will put him at ease.

The hardest part is staying cheerful--but if you're sad, he'll pick up on that and be sad, too. So try to stay upbeat.

Watch for signs that he's ready to go. When he stops eating; when his favorite toy no longer brings him joy; when his bad moments far outweigh the good...when he no longer meets you at the door. Then it will be time to give him that last, loving gift.

You have the strength you need, astar. Just remember he's living his last days and wants to share his time with you--and you will always have time to grieve after he's gone. So be with him. Rejoice with him during his good times and help him through the bad. It's all he will ask of you.

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. :goodvibes: that it's not lymphoma and you still have some good times together! :grouphug:

the gang
August 18th, 2009, 10:13 PM
the needle as you say is not killing him, its letting him go to rainbow bridge with some pride, you as his owner knows what is best for him, i work at a animal hosiptal and have 5 rescues, it is so sad to see a loved one pass, but when the time is right just help them to the bridge, it bothers me too, but belive me its like they are sleeping a no pain, i had a cocker that passed almost 6 yrs ago to this day have a very hard time to talk about her my little angel , and yes she had cancer the hardest thing i had to do was say good bye, but it was best for her!!, i wish you the very best and good luck brenda and the pins.:candle: