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My pet cat;Spookydoo is gone.

Fred Edwards
August 14th, 2009, 08:57 PM
My name Fred. I found my cat(Spookydoo) lifeless(passed on) 2 days ago. She was fine the night before. I had her 13 & half years & it`s hard not knowing what happen to her. I got up at 7:30 that morning, got my coffee & fixed her food & went to the back door to let her in as usual, she loved the outdoors; especially at night in the summertime. I looked out through the window part of door & she wasn`t there like usual. I felt bad that morning & I`m beating myself emotionally for not opening the door & calling her. 99 % of the time, she`s right there & 99 times out of a 100, I would have opened the door & called her. Actually, she was just about 20 ft. away, just out of my site. If I had only opened the door, I would have saw her & maybe I could have done something if she was still alive.
When I found her, it was 2 & half hours later at 10:00 a.m. I believe rigor had already set in, but her stomach was still soft. She had, what look liked 2 bites on her. Both on her side, one right behind her front leg & the other a few inches down toward her back leg. It was hard to determine if they were punctured or maybe small punctures that had closed back up. It was a total of 4 marks, like I said 2 in the front & 2 in the back, all red around the small puctures about the size of a quarter; consistent of maybe a dog bite or something. Also, 30 minutes or maybe an hour after I got up, I heard some crows outside making a lot of noise crowing. I didn`t think that much of, cause I have crows in my backyard a lot. But now that I think about it, they were making a lot more noise than usual. I`m wondering if the 4 marks(2 bites?) could have been from the crows pecking on her.(I am just guessing, what could have happen, I`m desperate). There were a lot of small chunks of fur laying all around her that had been ripped off. Her eyes had a bluish or grey color to them. They were still open. I have heard sometimes a cat eyes will turn that way, if they are in shock. I can`t quit blaming myself for not opening the door & calling her. If I had done that & she was laying out there & not able to help herself, I could have helped her or at least got to her for the crows got to her, if that`s what happen. Mama said, she heard dogs(stray) barking outside during the night. It could have been the dogs hurt her & she couldn`t move. Honestly, I don`t really know what happen. If it was, that the dogs got to her, I`m thinking she could have been unresponsive & the crows might have thought she was expired(died) & swooped down on her. She also was getting old & something may just have happen to her naturally causing her to become unresponsive & she just died, but what was the marks on her & why was her fur ripped off of her. It`s hard not knowing really what happen. It`s just not right to have a pet that long & in a blink of an eye, she`s gone. I just need to have a few questions answered & just maybe it would be easier to grieve & move on, but never forgetting her.
I need some answers, if possible for the 2 & a half hours, I sat on my behind & did nothing. Why on this day of all days, did something have to happen? The time of death is very important(approx. time)

Question #1__Her legs had already stiffen up alittle but he stomach was still soft, “How long do you think she might have been passed on?

Question #2__Her eyes were a bluish or grey color,” Does that mean she could have been in shock?

Question #3__Or,” Do all cats eyes turn bluish or grey when they pass on?

Question #4__Has anyone every seen wounds like I have described?

If anyone could answer these questions for me, it would be a start for me to narrow down what might have happen. I could begin to narrow down the possibilities.

I was very close to her & loved her very much. It`s like a part of me, no longer exist. I spoiled her rotten the last 5 years of her life. The last 3 & a half years, I have stayed at home taking care of my elderly mom & spent countless hours with her. She followed me everywhere I went. She stayed right up under me all the time & pretty much demanded my attention, She ruled the castle. She had me wrapped around her fingers(paws). I`m going to miss her very much.

Thanks for your kindness, Fred

August 14th, 2009, 09:10 PM
:candle::rip: Spookydoo :candle:
No answers at all. :sad:

Fred Edwards
August 14th, 2009, 09:27 PM
:candle::rip: Spookydoo :candle:
No answers at all. :sad:
Thanks for taking time to read. I sure appreicate it. If you know of anyone that might know, please let me no, Fred

August 14th, 2009, 09:55 PM
:rip: spookydoo :cry:

Since spookydoo was an outside cat that ran free, anything could have gotten too her (a male cat, dog, racoon, etc). You have been lucky to have her this long and not have any issues before. :sad:

Fred Edwards
August 14th, 2009, 10:21 PM
:rip: spookydoo :cry:

Since spookydoo was an outside cat that ran free, anything could have gotten too her (a male cat, dog, racoon, etc). You have been lucky to have her this long and not have any issues before. :sad: Yes, you`re right. I always worried about her when she was outside, but she also loved the inside. She spent alot of time, both in & out. When she was out, she never left the yard, unless maybe the neighbors next door that I know of. It`s gonna be hard not having her around. Thanks for your kindness! Fred