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Dog Breed Suggestion

August 18th, 2002, 11:54 AM
I need a suggest for what type of dog to get We are looking for a dog to be owned by a 13 yr old girl (Can`t eat to much-low budget) however she like big dogs so we comprimised on a medim or small. She likes the look of german shepherds but they are huge. This will be her first dog and she is looking for one that needs grooming once a week or less. we want a herding dog since we live in the country with out a fenced in yard and they are more home-oriented. She also wants a smart breed since she intents to train to the top of her ability.

August 26th, 2002, 07:48 PM
How about a Border Collie mix? They're a dime a dozen in shelters these days.

They are not for a laid-back person though. These dogs live to work.

If you find a dog that you think you might like, make sure you do your homework on the breed. Or the breeds if you get a cross. Nothing worse than someone who gets a Jack Russel Terrier and thinks it'll make a great lap dog. Or to get a German Shepherd, because they like the "look" of the dog but have no clue to the drive!


Good luck in your search. Make sure you phone local rescues as well!

Choc Lab Lover
August 26th, 2002, 10:26 PM
I'd be a little concerned that you are on a low budget.

You cant gaurantee the dog will only eat a set amount of food.

Also it generally is not reccommended that you only feed once a day. They reccommend 3 times a day till about 5 months and then 2 times (morning and evening) for the rest of their life.

Also you never know when something is going to happen and when youll be dishing out money unexpectly for injuries or accidents.

Visits to the vet eaisly add up to 100$ each time. And your puppy will need a few different vaccinations after you get him/her.

Summer/fall heartworm pills will be needed.. again 100$ easily.

Supplies, pet insurance, food, treats, kennel... the bills are never ending.

Not to mention you SHOULD get your dog neutuered/spayed at about 6-8 months.

Obviously a 13 year old is going to need a lot of help to train this dog, it is not going to be easy... and it is going to take up the majority of her time.

A dog is a HUGE investment- that will be with you for at least 10 years. Make sure you do a lot of research before you get a dog.

Obviously you will be doing most of the work, a 13 year old... I dont think will be able to this alone (training and stuff)

So anyway dont make a mistake and if you are really sure that you want a dog.. they are great companions.. friends for life.

Dont let another dog end up in a rescue/shelter once it reaches 1 year old....

Think about this.. it is very expensive... and a lot of hard work... especially for a student.

PS. Regarding food.. dont buy pourly made cheap food.. youll end up paying for it in the long run.. unproper development in bones/joints etc. Science Diet (if avaliable) is a good choice ;]

Hope i helped a little, and didnt discourage you too much.. but ie got a 6 month old puppy.. and it is a lot more work that i thought... and costs a lot mroe than expected.