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Vote for Nana for cutest dog!

August 9th, 2009, 02:18 AM
Dear Friends,

Hi! My name is Nana. My mommy entered me into a contest to help raise money. See, my grandma got surgery because she had an owie on her adrenal gland. Now she can't leave me to go to work everyday, which I think is cool! But no one else does. My mommy is 18 and she works very hard to take care of my uncles who are 14 and 7. She cleans the house, which is soooo boring, because I want to play!! Then she leaves to go to work at night, and I am so lonely... Grandma always is laying down because her belly hurts but she can't play with me. Mommy loves me and everyone who wants to help us! You can vote for me once every day~ Thank you so much and I'll give you kisses whenever I see you!

PS. click here to vote for me!! (