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boarding Kennel in Winnipeg area?

August 6th, 2009, 11:55 AM
DH and I have made the last minute decision to go to a close friends wedding in SW Ont Sept 12, for probably 2 nights. Easiest option will be to fly direct from Winnipeg- London. However, this brings up the issue of what to do with Molly :sad: there is noone who I would trust to look after her around here, and I don't think she would enjoy the flight!
I really hate the idea of putting my baby in a kennel- does anyone have any good/ bad experiences to share?
Also- does anyone know of any good kennels between Kenora and Winnipeg?

August 6th, 2009, 12:56 PM
There no pet sitting companies you'd trust? Dogs usually do best when they can stay in their own home with a pet sitter coming by every few hours or living there while your gone. I did it for people for awhile until I found employment elsewhere.

I only kenneled Drifter twice, we were going away for a week to South Carolina, a friend used the kennel several times a year in the summer and said they were great and family run. I felt horrible having to leave Drifter there even though it was a nice looking place and the people were very friendly. It was very noisy with all the barking. Seemed like he would be under alot of stress as he didn't like other dogs in his space and then were in typical wire dog runs in a barn type building. We got back they said he hadn't eaten much and had lost weight (which wasn't a bad thing as he was overweight :laughing:) But I felt awful for leaving him in such a stressful environment.

The next time I had a friend lined up to come live at the house while I was gone for a week to Newfoundland, I was going to pay her and leave money for anything she needed like food. The day or two before I was to fly out she canceled on me so I of course freaked out, talked to some people at work and was told to try out a kennel that she used for her dogs (she bred/showed and was away alot, unable to take all her dogs with her) said she was good friends with them as well. it was FAR nicer, calmer setting. They had a doggie playground, set walking times twice a day for 15 or 30 minutes, a doggie pool, the Kennel building itself looked like a house, it was just beautiful and Drifter came back in the same weight we'd left him! They said he wasn't too keen on eating for the first couple of days but they managed to spice up his food enough that he couldn't resist. The walls were cement blocks half way up so he wasn't upset with his neighbors and had an outdoor section provided so they could choose to go in or out. Pricey but well worth it see as he had done so well there. If I ever have to kennel again I'd definitely use them for Boone.

Not sure of any boarding kennels out there though, sorry. :( Hopefully things work out and you have a lovely time at the wedding!

August 6th, 2009, 01:02 PM
unfortunately there are no petsitting services up here.... we're kinda in the boonies here!!! :eek:
I guess I will just have to shop around, and ask lots of questions..... the thought of her locked up in a noisy kennel even just for 2 nights makes me feel sick :sad: