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Man looses fingers to save his dog

July 24th, 2009, 07:33 PM
OMG.. I love this man:cry:

Its too bad he had to loose anything.And couldnt get away without a scratch but omg..

I have to say i would do the same..

(Watch the vid, the dog licks his hurt hand, and makes babymomma cry:cry:)

Man looses fingers to save his dog (

July 24th, 2009, 07:43 PM
What a hero :lovestruck:

Jim Hall
July 24th, 2009, 07:45 PM
After the attack, animal control officers trapped and euthanized the gator, which had been a regular visitor at the Grounds’ backyard pond for a number of years. It had never acted in a threatening manner before, Grounds said. But in the future, he’s not letting Mandy take her morning constitutional stroll to the pond without her being on a leash

lets see you knew you had a gator and..... well SNAP!!!!!

July 24th, 2009, 07:46 PM
Aw....:cry: but good ending. So sweet how the son called Mandy his sister.

July 24th, 2009, 07:59 PM
That was an incredibly brave thing he did.

I hate that they had to destroy the gator though. They do that a lot here. If I had a swamp like that behind my house, I'd put up a fence!

Jim Hall
July 24th, 2009, 08:12 PM
sorry ladies this guy is a total loser in my opinion and im only sorry the a***hat didnt lose his whole hand i mean what kind of &&&& idiot would let a dog out by a gator THAT HE KNEW WAS THERE !!!!!!!!

July 24th, 2009, 08:35 PM
I think hes amazing.. But youe entitled to your opinion. Although I wouldnt try to belittle him.

He did something that 90% of people wouldnt have done..

Theres coyotes, bears lynx and a crap load of other animals living VERY close to my house. And yet We still choose to hike with the dogs... If there was a bear living IN my yard, I wouldnt call about it. They would kill it. Maybe that is what he was trying to prevent. He does sound like an animal lover.. The dog may not have been allowed even remotely close to the place where the gator was.

Theres just to much that we dont know before we can go around calling this here an assh0le.. :shrug: