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Kennel Cough

July 24th, 2009, 07:20 PM
I just adopted a Terrier Mix 3 month old puppy named Domino. I took him to the vet for an exam, right after I picked him up from the shelter. Everything checked out fine and I got the heartworm and flea/tick medications and left. A couple of days after that, I noticed Domino started making a weazing sound, normally when he's trying to sleep. So, a couple days later, I took him back to the vet and they diagnosed him with Kennel Cough.

The vet prescribed an antibiotic(Clavamox)and cough suppressant(Hydrocodone). I gave Domino his first dose of each today, with his dinner and took him for a walk soon after. After returning from our walk, Domino was swallowing very fast and hard, as if he had hiccups, or trouble swallowing.

Has anyone experienced anything like this, in their pets? If it's just hiccups, I can deal with that; but if he's having trouble swallowing because of the medication, etc, that worries me.

He's trying to go to sleep but can't because he's so miserable from the hiccups or because he's having trouble swallowing. I'm trying to wait it out but it doesn't appear to be subsiding. Any suggestions?

A concerned new mommy:sick:

July 24th, 2009, 08:32 PM
He's a little doll, devrygrad, that's for sure!

Have you noticed any swelling anywhere? Does his breathing seem labored, like he can't get enough in? Do you think it's an allergic reaction to the meds? If he seems in distress, a call to the vet would be in order.

Kennel cough in itself can make them pretty miserable. But if you have any doubts at all about the symptoms, make the call.

Hope your little darling is better soon! :goodvibes:

July 25th, 2009, 04:18 AM
He is a sweetie!

If he is still having troubles I would take him to a vet or call the vet's office where u got the meds. he might be having an allergic reaction to the meds like hazel said.

I hope he was given a blood test before he was given heart worm meds to make sure he didn't already have heart worm?