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July 19th, 2009, 05:55 PM
Hey ya'll:

No further luck on finding out what went wrong with Tiger, but figured we'd take Jasper for a check up too, with all that's been going on. Turns out she too has similar elevated enzyme levels as Tiger did. Aughghghgghghggh!!! :wall:

But with the doctors having no clue as to what Tiger had, I guess they're going to do a 'shot in the dark/differential diagnosis on Jasper too. But, the good news is that Jasper is eating okay, is not lethargic and generally being herself. We've been referred to a specialized hospital on Monday, and I'm taking off from work early to get her in.

And oh, thanks to everyone (again!) for the insights on showing Tiger's body to Jasper. I think it went off well, at least as well as one can expect in the circumstances. I'd wrapped Tiger in one of her blankets (as Sugarcatmom'd advised) and Jasper came running to see her, stopped mid-way, and just stared for a good two to three minutes. She came a little closer, smelled Tiger a bit, and proceeded to hiss. Then retreated into the clothes closet, and was very withdrawn, refused petting etc. I gave her some time alone, and she was surely better as the night went on. She doesn't cry all day now, doesn't look at the back door anymore either. She DOES have one of Tiger's toys though, and sometimes cries a whole bunch after sniffing it. :sad: But yes, she's definitely better, and thanks a whole bunch, to all of you for the valuable inputs.

I've posted some pictures of the girls and the guy who'd made themselves home with me. If you're feeling bored, take a look. And yes, comments are more than welcome! :D

July 19th, 2009, 07:43 PM
Glad to hear that Jasper might be coming to terms with the loss of Tiger. I hope the elevated liver enzymes turn out to be nothing. Ask the vet about giving her some Denamarin or Denosyl (, which is a liver booster and should be helpful no matter what the source of the problem is.

This might be a shot in the dark, but you don't happen to use essential oils (or products containing essential oils - like Pine-Sol) around the house, do you? These can be very toxic to cats, whose livers have difficulty metabolizing phenols?

What kind of plants do you have? Were Tiger or Jasper plant-nibblers?

Love the pics of your furry family, by the way. Totally cute!