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Getting aggravated trying to figure out the food thing.

July 16th, 2009, 06:40 PM
We have had feeding issues since we got Athos. He was impossible to keep weight on him. Though he's gone, we still have two other danes, Odinn and D'Artagnan, that won't gain. Sabine has no problem with weight, and Pacino is pretty good with his weight also. However, I can't seem to find anything that helps. The vets we have taken them to for bloodwork can't find anything that is keeping them from gaining. We've tried various foods, giving each time to help (months), but can't get it right. We've added probiotics and digestive enzymes, still to no help. Odinn, in my opinion, looks like he should be starving, though I know he's not. We keep coming back to Canidae since that's worked well for Sabine and since nothing else has helped the other two. We just switched back to Canidae from Taste of the Wild because the boys look like they lost a great deal of weight on the TOTW. We've tried Chicken Soup, Evo, Orijen. With Athos we tried raw for quite a while. Still no help. I feel like a bad mommy because my babies are so skinny, though I know I'm trying everything I can. We did try increasing their food a substantial amount, but that only made their stomachs look bloated, but didn't add actual weight. The boys are only 14 months. I know with danes they usually don't fill out until their second year. However, I already know it is going to be a problem with Odinn and D'Artagnan as it was with Athos.

Argh! :shrug:

Sorry for the frustrated rant.

July 16th, 2009, 08:54 PM
Rant away. :D Maybe someone can come up with some suggestions for you. Frenchy's Dane, Nelly, was pretty skinny when she got her and she fattened her up some with satin balls.

But I saw your DeeOhGee thread and from what I saw there, your boys aren't all that thin! They need a little time to fill out yet, but they look like they're in good physical condition to hazel. :thumbs up Does your vet think they're too thin for their age?

July 16th, 2009, 09:20 PM
Sadly, the vets I have had them at have said nothing, except when they were really young pups and some vet assistant said they were malnourished. I blew her off completely, though, because she said I needed to be feeding them some good puppy food like Puppy Chow. She also tried to argue about other aspects of dane puppies, even when I countered with facts about Large Breed puppies and how they differ from smaller breed pups.
So, for the many vets we have taken them to, no one has been able to give a reason. Athos went through many tests to try to figure it out. The vet we had at that time was of no help.

Here's pictures of Athos, at about three years I believe. Also a few with our others that might show how lean they are.

Okay, upon looking, I realized I don't have enough recent pictures to show. Most pictures are head shots. I will take more tomorrow and post them. So, we have the picture of Athos, and one of Odinn here.

Dog Dancer
July 17th, 2009, 12:48 PM
Well they do look thin in those pics. You said Athos was gone, and I assume he went to the bridge?? Was it a health issue or just age? Does you concern with the weight come from Athos' passing. I agree with Hazel that Satin Balls may help, have you searched here for the recipe. It may be worth a try. But I also think maybe they just need to get a bit older before they fill out properly. They are beautiful dogs though. Good luck with the weight issues - with our lab (and myself) it's always a fight to go the other way.:yell:

July 17th, 2009, 04:35 PM
Athos died after his stomach twisted following a neutering. The vet who preformed it just chucked it up to "it happens" without taking into account anything else. I think I have a post on the group from when he died, but it was well over a year ago.

I do have pleanty of recipes for Satin Balls from all the ressearch I did when we got Athos. I know I can use them to fatten the boys up, but from previous experience they will turn around and loose it, if they even gain anything. I'm not sure it did a lot to help Athos gain when we tried him on them. :sigh:

Thank you, though, for the compliments on how beautiful they are.