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what are you feeding your dog

July 16th, 2009, 12:48 AM
<sighing> over 3 yrs ago I adopted my love Patriot. Her first owner had her on Science Diet which we continued her on. Life and diet were quiet and good (or so I thought). Then 6 months later Liberty blessed my life. She had every type of worm possible, plus intestinal distress, imbalances in her digestive tract and the search for a kibble began. We found Wellness and California Natural both which I loved. I love the ingredients in Wellness but it gave Liberty non stop liquid. Cali Nat was ok but I knew I could do better.

My husband and I eat a very clean simple diet and I think this has kept us very healthy. So we wanted to adopt the same style of diet for our dogs hence the raw diet. It's not easy, it's not as cheap, can be very messyand this past week TBH I'm so stressed I wished kibble was still around (thank you dh who has really embraced the diet, picked up the slack and said he would do all the feedings) but in the long run I know it will give my pack (including the Bumble) a longer healthier life.

I love my pack, I feed them the absolute best possible option, I'm the alpha and it's my job.:thumbs up

July 16th, 2009, 03:12 PM
Our Lucky had nearly the identical issues as your Liberty. Feeding raw was our only option to bringing back and maintaining his health. It's really not so difficult (unless you forget to take meals out of the freezer the night before :o). We simply feed whole chickens cut in half, chunks of muscle meat (1 1/2lb pieces), small amounts of organs, meaty beef ribs, frozen whole fish, to name a few. It took me 1 hour yesterday to package and freeze meals for the next three weeks for our three dogs. I remove packages from the freezer the night before and feed the next day...usually in their crates for large pieces with bone and outdoors for most other stuff. Makes clean-up easy and efficient.