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Yep, nice way to start the day huh?

July 11th, 2009, 07:44 PM
9 am this morning I got up goin gto get ready to drive 2 hours to the beach and speand the day there.

I Go downstairs to bring keely out for a pee. And Kacee comes out of Nowhere:eek: Covered in mud from head to toe.. I was still half asleep so i sat down and I was Uber confused:rolleyes: I gave her some loves and a lecture about runing off. (She had a very pleased look on her face) . I started to tie her on and was about to walk down the road with her and I relized I was in my Nighty and pajama pants:o by that time i was out of my drive way. I went to turn back and my new neighbors (The just moved in across the street for the summer in a camper) were walking towards me. Just lovely. They started to tell me off about "My" dog. How she was filthy and I should be tyaking better care of her (Did i mention i am still half asleep at this time) I didnt know how to respond. Then they Started going off about how she was almost struck by a car an hour ago!:eek: THAT woke me up. Then i found my voice and started going off about how it isnt even MY dog (They apologized for freaking at me) .. She was waiting for me for over an hour! (gotta love her)

Seriously guys. What am I going to do? Ilove this girl and I cant haveher getting struck by a car because of her irresponsible as$hats of owners:sad: Im fed up with them. Ive already had One struck by a car because they all seem to run to MY house on the HIGHWAY when they get off. I wanna slap them!

I HAD to get ready to go, my ride was soon be here. I called them to come get her. no body anwered (i guess they werent up yet:shrug: )So I had to wake my dad to bring us a ride down. He wouldnt let her in the cab of the truck because she was so dirty and smelly. (I cant really blame him) So we had to put her in the Pan:frustrated: I almost had a nervous breakdown. I HATE to see dogs in the pan. I was so nervous she was going to jump, or we would hit a bump and she'd go flying:eek:

July 11th, 2009, 10:56 PM
Seriously BM - the dog sounds like she wants to be with you more than the other family. You take better care of her.
As for riding in the back - why not cancel the beach plans, or at least postpone for a while, give her a bath, and then she could have been where it was safer for her. :shrug:
As for the jammies - you're on your own. :rolleyes:

July 14th, 2009, 12:09 PM
Do you have the room to take her in? You could take her in and try and find her a better home. If her owners aren't takeing proper care of her you have the legal right. Where abouts are you from babymomma?