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Good dogs, bad reps!

July 11th, 2009, 05:03 PM
A youngish guy at our dog park recently adopted an unwanted, gorgeous Staffy pup. This lil guy is a bundle of energy, loves everyone, just wants to play. The pup that is, altho his owner seems nice too, lol.
The owner also has an older Staffy that he rescued. The older dog was used as a guard dog and isn't what I'd So now the fellow is worried that his young'un will turn out to be grumpy and possibly dangerous. He's thinking it's a breed issue.
I tried to assure him that he's off to a good start by bringing the young fella to the park to socialize and see that humans and dogs are good. ALso that he's got the pup young enough to raise it to be gentle and not aggressive. I think this fella is going to be just fine with his pup. The fact that he's aware of these issues shows me that he's thinking about the Staffy's rep and wants a good, gentle dog.
I, on the other hand, want to scream that these sweet dogs are singled out by our bylaws, and by humans, as being particularly dangerous. To me, it's the humans that are the problem. I'm just waiting for the bylaw dude to show up and tell the guy to put that sweet pup in a muzzle ...sigh.
End Rant, continue with your regular programming.