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My 21 year old cat, I am still amazed.

melody b
July 10th, 2009, 03:17 AM
Hi my cat Tiggy is 21 years old as of the 4th of July, yes 21 and has not had an super easy life. I got him for my sister when one of her cats had a accident in her old mustang with the radiator, I will not say any more. She was upset because her other cat was depressed, so off we went to find it friend. I picked out this cut little red cat in a cage with about 8 other cats he was the only red head. It was love at first sight. Little did I know when she took him home her other cat would not even come into her house. So that's right he became mine, he was my first pet at the age of 29 and has been with me for over 21 years now. My husband is also a lover of cats and we only have Tiggy left at this time.

We just got back from living overseas in Ankara, Turkey with a Department of defense contract and I never thought he would make it back home to CA. He has had more then his share of problems in his life and the latest was last January when one day he jumped off the bed and I noticed something wrong with his walk and with in 2 hours he could not stand. I took him to the vet to find that he had a neurological problem. Of course my husband was out of town as always when ever our pets have been ill. The vet was "Fantastic" he said we could do an MRI at one of the local little clinics that he takes his pets to after hours. So off we went Tiggy, my girlfriend and I the lights in the lobby where off and I felt like I was doing something wrong. We were offered tea as they do everywhere in Turkey and I gave my boy a kiss good bye in case he did not make it trough the Anastasia as he is 20 years old.

Well not only did he survive he was hungry, so I took him home with no motor skills at all. The idea that I would have to say good bye to him the next day when my husband came home. So off to the vets we go to hear that he has a sinus tumor that has penetrated into his brain cavity. The doctors said they have done this kind of surgery before with great success but not at his age. So we looked at each other and said we at least have to give him a chance and if he had to leave us let him go in his sleep. We both said out good byes and hugged and kissed him.

We preceded to camp out side the vets hospital in our car with food and water, 3 hours later they called us and said we could see him in a few minutes. We where told he did fine they got the tumor it was the size of a large grape. We would now have to see how he does in post op recovery, infections and coming out of the the Anastasia gas. Then we need to wait for the pathology report, which did come back positive but we all decided not to push it and not to do any post cancer treatments because of his age.

Well as you may have guessed by now he did great, within 4 days he started to stand on his own and after a week he started to walk and now he has been jumping up and down off the sofa and the bed.

That is up till today, we have moved back into our townhouse and I don't know if its all the stairs (which we did not have before) but today he has had a nose bleed and I think he might have had a fall off the bed and did not land correctly. He has a small bump on his head and just a small amount of bleeding off and on the side where they took out the tumor.

I know if we had been here in the US it is most likely he would have been put to sleep and or cost us thousands of dollars. I only spent $1,750 for his surgery and $200 for his MRI that was with all the days in the clinic and all meds. I have worked in the medical field here in the US and I know everything had gotten so over priced that the average person can not take care of their pets. I guess I am writing this as a outlet for all that I am feeling right now. Its hard to talk to non cat owners about this kind of stuff and my husband is always the strong man and does not show emotion like I do.

I guess I wanted to share in case any one ever has any of these problems, oh by the way the only signs he had was sneezing and he would talk allot more then before but only near the rest room. We just thought he was getting old. So I am watching him closely and if he continues to bleed we will take him to the vet. But does any one know of anything to help stop nose bleeds. I have used a small amount of saline solution the rinse his nose out. He is eating, drinking, peeing, and passing bowls. So I just thought I would ask if any one can relate to my story.


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