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Rescued Cat losing fur...?

July 4th, 2009, 03:16 PM
Hello :)

A couple weeks ago I took in 3 mamas and 6 kittens (3 litters - at the time: 1 a few days old, 2 two weeks old, 3 four weeks old) that were left in a ditch, the 5 older kittens tied up in a grain bag. :sad: :mad:

For the most part, besides the mamas being skinny, they all seem okay. Unfortunately, I'm a "starving student" ;) so I don't have the $$$ to take 9 cats to get full checkups so I've been going on what I know (have had many cats) and advice from a vet-friend. That being said, they will get medical attention if needed! :) They've been getting Wellness Kitten Kibble and mush and are eating and drinking well. The 3 mamas and 3 (now) six week old kittens were dewormed with Strongid a week ago and I was told to do it again in 7-10 days. They don't seem to have fleas but I have a hard time believing it! But they do seem to have ear mites (my cats did years ago and it looks the same) and my vet-friend recommended Revolution but not until they're a bit healthier and in better weight.

1) All 3 mamas have hair loss and scabbies behind their ears but I'm guessing that's from scratching (which I've seen them do) at the ear mites. Is there anything I can do to ease the itching until I can treat them?

2) "Pirate" (mama of the 3 older kittens, poor thing only has one eye hence the name) developed an abscess under her chin/throat (after escaping for a night, who knows what she got into) and all the fur in the area fell out (normal for an abscess) but it quickly burst and is healing. I clean it twice a day and am putting polysporin on the area. I'm not too worried about that (have dealt with many abscesses - 2 in cats and many in horses) as she is eating/drinking/playing normally but wanted to include that history as she has also started loosing fur and getting scabbies on the top and back of her head and her neck (see pictures attached). Could the ear mites be causing this? If not, what else could be causing it?

3) "Black and White Mama" (poor thing is still a kitten herself, can't be much older than 6-8 months) is the skinniest of the bunch and is eating and drinking well but not playing like the others do. Unlike the others, her poops are very soft (bordering on diarrhea) and are a light brown/yellowish colour. The others had soft poops at first as well but they have all seemed to have settled down. Is she just taking longer to get used to good food or does she need a vet visit? Is there something else I should be feeding her? Are there probiotics for cats? I love using them for horses and myself!

All these questions are being sent to my vet friend as well but I don't want to bug her TOO much as she's so generous already!

As I said before, any and all of the kitties will receive medical attention if needed! :)

The kitties and I thank you all so much in advance for your help!

July 4th, 2009, 04:29 PM
LauraK,first off,thank you for saving these little lives,secondly,welcome to our Forum:grouphug:
I have had many cats in my life-time but never a mama cat and kittens,so I am really of no help to you.
However,there are several people here who have done what you are doing,it is a weekend,not everyone will check in.
Just be patient and I am sure you'll get the answers and advice you need.

July 4th, 2009, 05:10 PM
Thanks for taking them in. I would however get them to a vet ASAP. Why can't your vet friend give you a discount or waive your vet fees and treat these kitties? I find it strange.

Earmites need to be treated right away. see what vet says about the hair loss. Probably do a skin scape. And also those sores on their body. It could be the mites, fleas or someother parasite, and or skin infection. All should be looked at and the black and white mamma needs to see a vet yesterday. Cats become very dehydratred VERY fast and within a few days, their body orgins can start to shut down. I am sure BW mama is already very dyhydrated already just by what you are saying. BW mamma probably needs to be on fluids.

If you can't properly take care of them, then you should take them to your local shelter and they will be examined by a vet.

I just find it funny that you seem to think that they don't need vet attention, when you state they will be taken to a vet if needed. Well, they need vet care. SOme vets will give discounts for strays.

Good luck and thanks for taking them off the street.


July 4th, 2009, 07:20 PM
Thank you for rescuing these kitties :grouphug:. I don't have any medical advice though :o.

July 4th, 2009, 07:54 PM
I thank you for rescuing the cats and kittens as well. Please take them to the vet to be checked over. That is the first thing you should be doing under the circumstances. If you suspect earmites then they need to be treated. Losing fur like shown in the pics is something that needs to be addressed. Please find a way to take them all in. Maybe you can get a package deal. :thumbs up

July 5th, 2009, 12:34 AM
Please have the kitties checked by a vet....could be many things....infection from fleas, mange, ringworm, etc.

I haven't usually seen the reaction they have from ear mites as scabs, as it appears there are scabs elsewhere on mama. Thank you so much for rescuing this mama and her kittens. :angel2: I'm always amazed at the cruelty of some people. They will be paid back sometime, somewhere for these vile deeds.

July 7th, 2009, 06:44 PM
Thanks for the support and thank you catlover2 for the link!

To clarify, my vet-friend is a horse vet who has quite a bit of small animal experience so she doesn't have a practice for me to take the kitties to and is a very, very busy and generous lady so I feel badly asking her to make a house call when she usually won't accept any money from me. :angel2:

I don't appreciate being judged (although maybe I didn't come across as I had hoped...?) and it being suggested I can't properly take care of them. My family and I have taken in over 50 strays (which has included many litters of kittens) in my 25 years so I'm not new at this, I was just looking for some second opinions.

But, just to update, because I had been considering taking Pirate into my regular small animal vet anyway (for the reasons mentioned before as well as her eye and checking to see if she was preggers again), I took her and the BW Mama in today. $160 later (yay Visa ;) ) - Pirate's been dewormed with a "kill everything" wormer (and isn't pregnant that we can tell :thumbs up ) and BW will get the same next week when her kittens are old enough. I'm also getting a fecal done for BW Mama to see if we can figure out what's causing the loose stools but the vet was impressed with how good she looked for what she's been through. Then, as originally planned, everyone (who is old enough and those who aren't, when they're old enough) is getting Revolution later this week which will clear up the ear mites and hopefully the scabbies (which the vet thought were from scratching and/or scrapping). The kittens are all wonderful and healthy (besides the mites) and have no need to go to the vet. So all-in-all, I didn't really need to spend the $90 I don't really have for the brief exams only to find out what I already knew/thought but now everyone can rest easy that the 2 in question are being properly looked after. :)

Thanks again to those of you who were encouraging and if anyone knows of anyone looking for a kitten... ;) :D

July 7th, 2009, 09:48 PM
LauraK - Where do you live? Sounds to me like you need a low cost spay/neuter program badly. Even if momma cat is pregnant she can be fixed. If your family has taken in that many strays then you need some help before there are 300. It will get to that number faster than you think.
If you let us know the approximate area you live in we may be able to give you a contact number for low cost s/n clinics. :fingerscr
I am not talking out of the side of my hat. I have had 31 done in a year and a half so it is possible.

Jim Hall
July 7th, 2009, 10:22 PM
if she lives any where like me low cost is $80 plus

once the ear mites are gone and they stay clean the coats will improve if healthy

"if you cant properly take care of them " well roind here you can leavee
em in a box by the pet store or have them pts your choice

sorry guys but this is reality

July 8th, 2009, 04:31 PM
What I need is to marry a vet ;)

I'm just outside Milton (west of Toronto) and know of the low cost clinic in Newmarket (last I heard it was $50...?) but if there's one closer, that would be wonderful.

Luckily, none of the mamas are pregnant again and they are NOT leaving my barn, no matter how bad they want to ;) so that they'll stay that way! :thumbs up My sister is planning on taking 1, maybe 2, of the mamas so their costs will be covered by her which is great. I'm working hard to find homes for the remaining kittens (1 has already left and is in a wonderful home and another has a home when she's old enough) but they'll all be "snipped" if they're still with me at that point.